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Localization in Clinical Neurology

Localization in Clinical Neurology
titolo Localization in Clinical Neurology
Autori , ,
Editore Wolters Kluwer
Formato Libro: Hardcover 18x25,5 cm
Lingua inglese
Pagine 760
Pubblicazione 2021
Numero edizione 8
ISBN 9781975160241
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Anatomical localization skills based in physical examination are essential for any clinician caring for patients with neurologic disease processes. Now fully revised and up to date, Localization in Clinical Neurology, 8th Edition, uses easy-to-read descriptions, full-color illustrations and videos to help readers understand and locate the source of a patient’s signs and symptoms. This gold standard text now features dozens of clinical videos that help clinicians improve diagnostic accuracy and avoid unnecessary testing.
  • Offers comprehensive coverage of all brain regions as well as cranial, spinal, and peripheral nerves.
  • Provides detailed discussions of relevant anatomy and of lesions related to each anatomic feature.
  • Includes nearly 100 NEW clinical videos designed to help pinpoint the source of patients’ signs and symptoms.
  • Features numerous high-quality line drawings and 100 useful tables that help you quickly grasp important aspects of this challenging area of clinical neurology.

Indice testuale

Preface and Acknowledgments vii
1 General Principles of Neurologic Localization 1
2 Peripheral Nerves 31
3 Cervical, Brachial, and Lumbosacral Plexuses 83
4 Spinal Nerve and Root 101
5 Spinal Cord 111
6 Cranial Nerve I (The Olfactory Nerve) 141
7 Visual Pathways 151
8 The Localization of Lesions Affecting the Ocular Motor System 197
9 Cranial Nerve V (The Trigeminal Nerve) 353
10 Cranial Nerve VII (The Facial Nerve) 369
11 Cranial Nerve VIII (The Vestibulocochlear Nerve) 391
12 Cranial Nerves IX and X (The Glossopharyngeal and Vagus Nerves) 411
13 Cranial Nerve XI (The Spinal Accessory Nerve) 419
14 Cranial Nerve XII (The Hypoglossal Nerve) 429
15 Brainstem 439
16 The Cerebellum 461
17 The Localization of Lesions Affecting the Hypothalamus and
Pituitary Gland 479
18 The Anatomic Localization of Lesions in the Thalamus 501
19 Basal Ganglia 529
20 The Localization of Lesions Affecting the Cerebral Cortex 569
21 Localization of Lesions in the Autonomic Nervous System 641
22 Vascular Syndromes of the Forebrain, Brainstem, and Cerebellum 653
23 The Localization of Lesions Causing Coma 689
Index 721

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