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Early Childhood Oral Health

Early Childhood Oral Health
titolo Early Childhood Oral Health
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Odontoiatria Pedodonzia
Medicina Odontoiatria
editore John Wiley & Sons Inc
formato Libro
pagine 344
pubblicazione 2015
ISBN 9781118792100
114,79 109,05 (-5%)
Dental caries has been called a "silent epidemic" and is the most prevalent chronic disease affecting children. Though much has been written on the science and practice of managing this disease, publications are diverse in their loci, preventing easy access to the reader. Early Childhood Oral Health coalesces all the important information related to this topic in a comprehensive reference for students, academics, and practitioners. This second edition expands the scope of the first and puts an additional focus on interprofessional and global efforts that are necessary to manage the growing disease crisis and screening and risk assessment efforts that have expanded with the boom of new technologies. With updated references and incorporating the latest research, chapters address the biology and epidemiology of caries, the clinical management of early childhood caries, risk assessment, and early diagnosis. Other topics include public health approaches to managing caries worldwide, implementation of new caries prevention programs, fluoride regimens, and community programs, and family oral health education. Brand new are four chapters on the medical management of early childhood caries, considerations for children with special needs, interprofessional education and practice, and how the newest policy issues and the Affordable Care Act affect dental care. A must-read for pediatric dentists, cariologists, public health dentists, and students in these fields, Early Childhood Oral Health is also relevant for pediatricians and pediatric nursing specialists worldwide.

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Acknowledgments ix Notes on contributors x Introduction: Why this book? 1 Joel H. Berg Early childhood caries: Definition and epidemiology 15 Burton L. Edelstein, Courtney H. Chinn, Robert J. Laughlin and Christie L. Custodiou]Lumsden Early childhood caries disease prevention and management 47 Man Wai Ng and Zameera Fida Managing caries: Obtaining arrest 67 Kevin J. Donly Use of fluoride 104 Norman Tinanoff The dental home 120 Arthur J. Nowak and Paul S. Casamassimo Examination of infants and toddlers 134 Adriana Segura Children with intellectual and developmental disabilities 153 Jessica De Bord Anticipatory guidance 169 Arthur J. Nowak and Paul S. Casamassimo Caries risk assessment: Rationale, uses, tools, and state of development 193 James J. Crall, Rocio B. Quinonez and Andrea F. Zandona Family oral health education 221 Tegwyn H. Brickhouse Community programs and oral health 245 Jessica Y. Lee Interprofessional education and practice 258 Melinda B. Clark, Mayumi Willgerodt and Rocio B. Quinonez Building an infantu] and toddleru]friendly practice, 272 David K. Curtis Policy issues in the Affordable Care Act concerning pediatric oral health insurance coverage 302 C. Scott Litch Future directions 317 Rebecca L. Slayton Index 329

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