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Fundamentals of Aerospace Medicine

Fundamentals of Aerospace Medicine
titolo Fundamentals of Aerospace Medicine
sottotitolo Translating Research into Clinical Applications
autori ,
argomento Medicina Medicina aereospaziale e delle altitudini
editore Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
formato Libro
pagine 720
pubblicazione 2002
ISBN 9780781728980
180,00 171,00 (-5%)
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This book provides comprehensive, clinically relevant information on the wide-ranging field of aerospace medicine. It addresses all medical and public health issues involved in the care of crews, passengers, and support personnel of aircraft and space vehicles. It covers the physiology of the human body under flight conditions, clinical medicine as practiced in the unique aerospace community, and the impact of the industry on community health.

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1. In The Beginning 2. The Atmosphere and Respiration 3. Oxygen Systems 4. Decompression Sickness 5. Transient Acceleration 6. Biodynamics: Sustained Acceleration 7. Vibration, Noise, and Communication 8. Spatial Orientation in Flight 9. Space Environments 10. Thermal Stress 11. Health Maintenance and Promotion 12. Medical Certification of Civilian Aviation Personnel in the United States 13. Respiratory Diseases: Aeromedical Implications 14. Clinical Aerospace Cardiovascular Medicine 15. Ophthalmology in Aerospace Medicine 16. Aerospace Neurology 17. Aerospace Psychiatry 18. Otolaryngology in Aerospace Medicine 19. Endocrine System 20. Infectious Diseases 21. Selected Medical and Surgical Conditions of Aeromedical Concern 22. The Passenger and the Patient Inflight 23. Aircraft Accidents: Investigation and Prevention 24. Human Factors in Aerospace Systems Design and Operations 25. Civil Aviation Medicine 26. Military Aerospace Medicine 27. International Aviation Medicine 28. Space Operations 29. Occupational and Environmental Medical Support to the Aviation Industry 30. The Impact of the Aerospace Industry on Environment and Public Healt

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