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Asthma in the Workplace

Asthma in the Workplace
titolo Asthma in the Workplace
autori , , ,
argomenti Medicina Pneumologia Asma
Medicina Medicina del lavoro Rischi professionali
editore Marcel Dekker Inc
formato Libro
pagine 768
pubblicazione 1999
ISBN 9780824719630
235,00 223,25 (-5%)
Fully updated to include crucial advances in the subject since publication of the First Edition, the Second Edition of this comprehensive volume reviews all aspects of occupational asthma, including disease mechanisms, clinical diagnosis and treatment, and categories of causative agents. Includes new and expanded material on: hypersensitivity pneumonitis and organic dust toxic syndromes; sick building syndrome, occupational rhinitis and urticaria; skin problems, and genetics of occupational asthma; animal, enzyme, and flour allergies; and latex allergy irritant-induced asthma (RADS). Featuring contributions from over 45 international authorities in the field-nearly 20 more than the First Edition - "Asthma in the Workplace, Second Edition" evaluates medicolegal and compensation issues and discusses inhalation challenge testing. Addressing the social outcomes of workers disabled by asthma, this book explores environmental exposure to causative chemicals and protein allergens. With numerous references, tables, drawings, photographs, and micrographs, "Asthma in the Workplace, Second Edition" will be welcomed by clinical immunologists and allergists, pulmonologists, occupational health and thoracic physicians, industrial hygienists, internists, toxicologists, immunotoxicologists, epidemiologists, aerosol scientists, lawyers involved with compensation issues, and graduate and medical school students in these disciplines.

Indice testuale

General ConsiderationsDefinition and Classification of Asthma, I. Leonard Bernstein, David I. Bernstein, Moira Chan-Yeung, and Jean-Luc MaloHistorical Aspects of Occupational Asthma, Jack Pepys and I. Leonard BernsteinEpidemiological Approaches in Occupational Asthma, Margaret R. Becklake, Jean-Luc Malo, and Moira Chan-YeungGenetics and Occupational Asthma, Alan Lockhart and Anthony J. Newman-TaylorPathophysiology, Leonardo Fabbri, Piera Boschetto, Gaetano Caramori, and Cristina Elisabetta MappAnimal Models of Occupational Asthma, Katherine Sarlo and Meryl KarolNatural History of Occupational Asthma, Moira Chan-Yeung and Jean-Luc MaloAssessment and ManagementClinical Assessment and Management of Occupational Asthma, David I. BernsteinImmunological Evaluation of Occupational Asthma, Leslie C. Grammer and Roy PattersonNonspecific Bronchial Hyperresponsiveness, Anthony Johnson and Moira Chan-YeungPhysiological Assessment: Serial Measurements of Lung Function, Sherwood Burge and Gianna MoscatoOccupational Challenge Tests, Andr? Cartier and Jean-Luc MaloEnvironmental Monitoring of Protein Aeroallergens, Charles E. Reed, Mark Swanson and James T. LiEnvironmental Monitoring of Chemical Agents, Jacques Lesage and Guy PerraultMedicolegal and Compensation Aspects, I. Leonard Bernstein, Helen Keskinen, and Jean-Luc MaloEvaluation of Impairment/Disability in Subjects with Occupational Asthma, Jean-Luc Malo, Paul Blanc, and Moira Chan-YeungSurveillance and Prevention, David I. Bernstein and Gary M. LissSpecific Disease EntitiesUpper Airways Involvement, David C. Christiani and Jean-Luc MaloOccupational Urticaria, Boris D. Lushniak and C. G. Toby MathiasEnzymes, Jonathan A. Bernstein and William Gerald Gaines, Jr.Occupational Asthma in the Baking Industry, Dick Heederik and Anthony J. Newman-TaylorAnimal, Insect, and Shellfish Allergy, Susan Gordon and Anthony J. Newman-TaylorLatex Allergy, Oliver Vandenplas, B. Lauren Charous, and Susan M. TarloHigh-Molecular-Weight Protein Agents, David I. Bernstein and Jean-Luc MaloPolyisocyanates and Their Prepolymers, Christina Elisabetta Mapp, I. Leonard Bernstein, Brian T. Butcher, and Leonardo M. FabbriAcid Anhydrides, C. Raymond Zeiss, Roy Patterson, and Katherine M. VenablesMetals, I. Leonard Bernstein, Benoit Nemery, and Stuart M. BrooksOther Chemical Substances Causing Occupational Asthma, Jean-Luc Malo and I. Leonard BernsteinWestern Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) and Other Wood Dusts, Moira Chan-YeungReactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome, or Irritant-Induced Asthma, Denyse Gautrin, I. Leonard Bernstein and Stuart M. BrooksCotton and Other Textile Dusts, James A. Merchant, I. Leonard Bernstein, and Anthony PickeringGrain Dust-Induced Lung Diseases, Moira Chan-Yeung, Susan M. Kennedy, and David A. SchwartzHypersensitivity Pneumonitis and Organic Dust Toxic Syndromes, Yvon Cormier, Hal B. Richerson, and Cecile S. RoseBuilding-Related Il

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