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Veterinary Immunology

Veterinary Immunology
titolo Veterinary Immunology
sottotitolo An Introduction
argomento Veterinaria Allergologia immunologia
editore Saunders
formato Libro
pagine 592
pubblicazione 2008
ISBN 9781416049890
75,00 63,75
Risparmi: € 11,25
Since 1977, this outstanding book has been the immunology reference of choice for both veterinary students and practitioners. It's the only complete resource on the subject, featuring a straightforward presentation of basic immunologic principles with comprehensive information on the most significant immunological diseases and responses seen in domestic animals. This meticulously updated new edition explores the latest advances in the field and provides a wealth of clinical examples that illustrate and clarify important concepts.

Indice testuale

1. The Defense of the Body 2. How Inflammation is Triggered 3. Neutrophils and Their Products 4. Macrophages and the Later Stages of Inflammation 5. The Complement System 6. Cell Signaling: Cytokines and Their Receptors 7. Antigens: Triggers of Acquired Immunity 8. Dendritic Cells and Antigen Processing 9. The Major Histocompatibility Complex 10. Organs of the Immune System 11. Lymphocytes 12. Helper T Cells and Their Response to Antigen 13. B Cells and Their Response to Antigen 14. Antibodies: Soluble Antigen Receptors 15. How Antigen-Binding Receptors are Made 16. T-Cell Function and the Destruction of Cell-Associated Invaders 17. Regulation of Acquired Immunity 18. Immunity in the Fetus and Newborn 19. Immunity at Body Surfaces 20. Vaccines and Their Production 21. The Use of Vaccines 22. Acquired Immunity to Bacteria and Related Organisms 23. Acquired Immunity to Viruses 24. Acquired Immunity to Parasites 25. Type I Hypersensitivity 26. Red Cell Antigens and Type II Hypersensitivity 27. Immune Complexes and Type III Hypersensitivity 28. Type IV Hypersensitivity: Delayed Hypersensitivity 29. Organ Graft Rejection 30. Resistance to Tumors 31. Autoimmunity: General Principles 32. Organ-Specific Autoimmune Diseases 33. The Systemic Immunological Diseases 34. Primary Immunodeficiencies 35. Secondary Immunological Defects 36. Drugs and Other Agents that Affect the Immune System 37. The Evolution of the Immune System 38. Immunodiagnostic Techniques Appendix: Annotated List of Selected CD Molecules Glossary

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