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Core Topics in Paediatric Anaesthesia

Core Topics in Paediatric Anaesthesia
titolo Core Topics in Paediatric Anaesthesia
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Ecografia Ecografia pediatrica
Medicina Pediatria Imaging in pediatria
editore Cambridge University Press
formato Libro
pagine 463
pubblicazione 2013
ISBN 9780521194174
96,00 91,20 (-5%)

This book covers all of the important elements of paediatric anaesthesia in a concise and structured manner. From the premature infant to the teenager, readers are guided through the complexities they may encounter, with key points at the end of each chapter to summarise the most important information. The common surgical conditions encountered in daily practice are covered along with comprehensive discussion of consent and the law, safeguarding children, and the complexity of drug dosing in the paediatric population. Other topics covered include trauma, burns, resuscitation, principles of intensive care, and transporting a sick child. Each chapter is written by an acknowledged expert in their field, sharing a wealth of relevant, practical experience. Covering the whole curriculum necessary for advanced training, this is essential reading for trainees, general anaesthetists managing children in non-specialist hospitals and anyone aspiring to become a paediatric anaesthetist, as well as those established in the field.


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Preface; Part I. Introduction: 1. Anatomical and physiological differences affecting anaesthesia in neonates and young children Isabeau Walker; 2. Pharmacological differences affecting anaesthesia in neonates and young children George H. Meakin; 3. Developmental psychology and communicating with children and families Judith A. Short; 4. Consent and the law, including research and restraint, in paediatric anaesthesia Lisa Flewin; 5. Safeguarding children and the anaesthetist Kathy A. Wilkinson; Part II. The Preoperative Period: 6. Preparation for anaesthesia and surgery, including fitness for surgery Reema Nandi; 7. Anaesthesia for children with common medical conditions of childhood Nargis Ahmad and Ian James; 8. Congenital and inherited disorders affecting anaesthesia in children Nargis Ahmad and Ian James; 9. The premature and ex-premature infant Isabeau Walker; 10. Day-case paediatric anaesthesia Peter A. Stoddart; Part III. The Perioperative Period: 11. General principles and safe paediatric anaesthesia Ian James; 12. Equipment and monitoring in paediatric anaesthesia Philippa Evans; 13. Venous access in children David Chisholm; 14. Perioperative fluid management in children Isabeau Walker and Dan Taylor; 15. Total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA) in children Vaithianadan Mani and Neil Morton; 16. Regional anaesthesia in children Steve Roberts and Naveen Raj; 17. Sedation for procedures in children Mike R. J. Sury; 18. Perioperative analgesia in children Glyn Williams; 19. Prevention and treatment of postoperative nausea and vomiting in children Alison S. Carr; Part IV. Clinical Anaesthesia: 20. General paediatric and neonatal surgery Mark Thomas; 21. Anaesthesia for otorhinolaryngology in children Adrian R. Lloyd-Thomas; 22. The compromised paediatric airway Stephanie Bew; 23. Anaesthesia for cleft lip and palate surgery in children Agnes Watson; 24. Anaesthesia for dental and maxillofacial surgery in children Lola Adewale; 25. Anaesthesia for craniofacial surgery in children David DeBeer; 26. Anaesthesia for neurosurgery in children Su Mallory; 27. Anaesthesia for ophthalmic surgery in children Ian James; 28. Anaesthesia for plastic surgery in children Michael W. Frost; 29. Anaesthesia for orthopaedics, including scoliosis surgery, in children Steven Scuplak; 30. Anaesthesia for thoracic surgery in children Simon R. Haynes; 31. Anaesthesia for cardiac surgery in children Ian James and Sally Wilmshurst; 32. Anaesthesia for cardiac catheterisation and other investigative procedures in children Ian James and Sally Wilmshurst; 33. Anaesthesia for children with heart disease undergoing non-cardiac surgery Anthony Moriarty, Alet Jacobs and Ian James; 34. Anaesthesia for urological surgery in children Angus McEwan; 35. Anaesthesia for hepatic surgery, including transplantation, in children James Bennett and Peter Bromley; 36. Anaesthesia for radiology in children Jane Herod; 37. Anaesthesia for oncology and other medical procedures in children Michael Broadhead and Isabeau Walker; Part V. The Critically Ill Child: 38. Principles of paediatric resuscitation Jonathan Smith; 39. Trauma in children Karl C. Thies and Ben Stanhope; 40. Burns in children Bruce Emerson; 41. Principles of paediatric intensive care Ian A. Jenkins; 42. Stabilisation and safe transport of the critically ill child Daniel Lutman; Index.

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