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Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer
titolo Thyroid Cancer
argomenti Medicina Endocrinologia e metabolismo Malattie della tiroide
Medicina Oncologia Oncologia cavo orale
Medicina Endocrinologia e metabolismo
Medicina Oncologia
editore Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
formato Libro
pagine 332
pubblicazione 2011
ISBN 9781461408741
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The American Cancer Society recently estimated that about 45,000 new cases of thyroid cancer will be diagnosed in the United States, with three-quarters occurring in women. The overall 5-year survival rate is about 97 per cent, making it one of the least lethal cancers. We are experiencing an epidemic of well-differentiated thyroid cancer, in part due to the widespread use of imaging modalities that detect thyroid nodules and microcarcinomas. Concurrently, there have been a number of recent advances in surgical treatment, as well as diagnostic modalities that allow us to detect small amounts of residual local and metastatic disease. Additionally, a reexamination of past treatment regimens has led to new recommendations regarding the use of radioactive iodine, and to new therapeutic options, such as targeted therapy which have supplanted the use of more toxic chemotherapy for metastatic cancer. Multiple academic organizations have developed consensus guidelines for the management of thyroid cancer, occasionally with conflicting recommendations. In "Thyroid Cancer", a renowned group of authors presents a broad overview of the pathology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of thyroid cancer, with an emphasis on recent evidence-based information. State-of-the-art and a significant contribution to the literature, "Thyroid Cancer" is an invaluable reference for endocrinologists, oncologists, nuclear medicine physicians, radiation oncologists, primary care physicians, and surgeons who deal with head and neck cancer.

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Preface Contributors 1. Pathology and Classification of Thyroid Cancer Gretchen E. Galliano and David P. Frishberg 2. Molecular Biology of Thyroid Cancer H. Phillip Koeffler and Wenwen Chien 3. Thyroid Nodules Glenn D. Braunstein and Wendy Sacks 4. Ultrasound Imaging and Thyroid Cancer Michelle Melany 5. Fine Needle Aspiration of the Thyroid Shikha Bose 6. Thyroid Cancer Staging Ronnie Meiyi Wong 7. Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Wendy Sacks and Glenn D. Braunstein 8. Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma Jerome Hershman and Adam Lyko 9. Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma Nicole M. Tyer and Run Yu 10. Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma Marina Vaysburd 11. Thyroid Lymphoma Basil Rapoport and Sandra M. McLachlan 12. Surgical Management of Thyroid Cancer C. Suzanne Cutter, Kenneth W. Adashek, Michel Babajanian, and Babak Larian 13. Radioactive Iodine Therapy Wendy Sacks and Alan D. Waxman 14. External Beam Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Differentiated Thyroid Cancers C. Michele Burnison 15. Targeted Therapies of Thyroid Cancer Steven Lim

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