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The Cell A Molecular Approach

The Cell A Molecular Approach
titolo The Cell A Molecular Approach
argomenti Medicina Biologia molecolare
Medicina Citologia-istologia
editore Oxford University Press
formato Libro
lingua inglese
pagine 742
pubblicazione 2019
ISBN 9781605358635
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Even the most experienced instructor can find teaching cell biology daunting, and most cell biology texts are bogged down in detail or background information. Lost in all the details are the more fascinating material and contemporary advances that represent this rapidly moving field. With so much to cover, creating a classroom around active learning may be difficult or nearly impossible.

The Cell: A Molecular Approach endeavors to address those issues with succinct writing, incorporation of current research, a test bank that encourages critical thinking, and an active learning framework.

With just enough detail for a one-semester, junior level course, the text presents fundamental concepts and current research, including chapters on genomics and transcriptional regulation and epigenetics, and new in-text boxed features on molecular medicine and key experiments. For instructors who want to flip their classrooms or just get students more engaged, The Cell: A Molecular Approach is the only cell biology text that is accompanied by an Active Learning Guide. This chapter-by-chapter playbook shows instructors how to create a dynamic learning environment with in-class exercises, clicker questions, and links to relevant media, animations, testing, and self-quizzing, all aligned with the new in-text learning objectives, wherever appropriate.

This text provides the right level of detail, student engagement, and instructor support for the modern cell biology classroom.

Indice testuale

Part I: Fundamentals and Foundations
Chapter 1. Introduction to Cells and Cell Research
Chapter 2. Molecules and Membranes
Chapter 3. Bioenergetics and Metabolism
Chapter 4. Fundamentals of Molecular Biology
Chapter 5. Genomics, Proteomics, and Systems Biology
Part II: The Flow of Genetic Information
Chapter 6. Genes and Genomes
Chapter 7. Replication, Maintenance, and Rearrangements of Genomic DNA
Chapter 8. RNA Synthesis and Processing
Chapter 9. Transcriptional Regulation and Epigenetics
Chapter 10. Protein Synthesis, Processing, and Regulation
Part III: Cell Structure and Function
Chapter 11. The Nucleus
Chapter 12. Protein Sorting and Transport
Chapter 13. Mitochondria, Chloroplasts, and Peroxisomes
Chapter 14. The Cytoskeleton and Cell Movement
Chapter 15. The Plasma Membrane
Chapter 16. Cell Walls, the Extracellular Matrix, and Cell Interactions
Part IV: Cell Regulation
Chapter 17. Cell Signaling
Chapter 18. The Cell Cycle
Chapter 19. Cell Renewal and Cell Death
Chapter 20. Cancer

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