Case-Based Pathology and Laboratory Medicine - Mikhail, N. / Shea, S. / Raskova, J. - Blackwell Science - Medicina di laboratori
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Case-Based Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Case-Based Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
titolo Case-Based Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
autori , , ,
argomenti Medicina Medicina di laboratorio Patologia clinica
Medicina Medicina di laboratorio
editore Blackwell Publishing Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 184
pubblicazione 2004
ISBN 9781405120562
33,00 31,35 (-5%)
"Case-Based Pathology and Laboratory Medicine" is a brand new text that uses over 20 real patient cases to teach students and junior doctors to recognise and understand significant diseases and their complications from a pathology perspective. Each case presents relevant clinical data, in full colour throughout, and guides you through to a diagnosis via multiple-choice questions. The MCQs are flagged throughout as Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Detailed answers are provided with a final diagnosis and synopsis to each presented case. Further information is given to help interpret results and tables and many lab tips are included. "Case-Based Pathology and Laboratory Medicine" is a perfect test-yourself revision resource for medical students and junior doctors. It is excellent for clinical attachments as well as exam revision and preparation for OSCEs. Pre-publication review: 'The book is really good. It makes pathology easier and more fun to study' - 4th year student, Manchester.

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Preface.Acknowledgements.Abbreviations.1 A 64-year-old woman with recurrent fever and cough,.2 A 5-year-old girl with a painful hip,.3 A 64-year-old woman with shortness of breath and ill fitting shoes,.4 A 50-year-old psychologist who feels dizzy,.5 A 74-year-old man with discomfort on eating,.6 A 49-year-old teacher with dysuria and fever,.7 A 70-year-old widow with severe pain in left shoulder,.8 A 61-year-old clerk with excruciating abdominal pain,.9 A 75-year-old man who fell to the floor,.10 A 5-year-old boy with a swollen right ankle,.11 A 78-year-old pale woman with fever,.12 A 66-year-old retired truck driver with urinary frequency,.13 A 30-year-old electrician with fever and vomiting,.14 A 30 - year-old singer who could not open his mouth,.15 A 68-year-old cashier with a loss of appetite,.16 A 41-year-old teacher with pruritic rash,.17 A 70-year-old gardener with backache,.18 A 22-year-old student with a lump on the side of his neck,.19 A 70-year-old sailor with heartburn and crimson face,.20 A 62-year-old housekeeper with unusual gait,.21 A 72-year-old librarian with diabetes,.Appendices.Index

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