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Lu's Basic Toxicology

Lu's Basic Toxicology
titolo Lu's Basic Toxicology
sottotitolo Fundamentals, Target Organs and Risk Assessment
autori ,
argomento Medicina Tossicologia Opere di carattere generale
editore Informa Healthcare
formato Libro
pagine 392
pubblicazione 2002
ISBN 9780415248563
57,30 48,71
Risparmi: € 8,59
This classic textbook now enters its forth edition, offering a distillation of decades of research and teaching experience in toxicology. Known all over the world after its translation into six languages, Lu's Basic Toxicology: Fundamentals, Target Organs, and Risk Assessment is a benchmark text that brings clarity and insight into a rapidly evolving subject. Noted for its concise yet broad coverage of the subject, this new edition includes new chapters on over-the counter preparations, lactation and occupational toxicology. In addition, it covers:"The action of chemicals that cause cancer, mutations, congenital malformations and organ or system specific effects "Why chemical target specific organs and systems and how these effects are revealed by laboratory tests"The host and environmental factors that modify these effects"The effects of food additives, pesticides, metals, pollutants in air, water and soil, as well as toxicants encountered in workplaces"The procedures commonly used in assessing risk associated with these chemicals The breadth of this book makes it ideal for students requiring an introduction to toxicology, whether those specializing in toxicology or those from other biomedical disciplines who need a clear and concise overview of the field. The inclusion of separate subject and chemical indexes also makes it a useful shelf reference for more experienced researchers. In Lu's Basic Toxicology, Frank Lu and Sam Kacew have transcribed their vast experience to produce a book which will be an invaluable reference to student and practising toxicologists everywhere.

Indice testuale

General Principles of Toxicology. Testing Procedures for Conventional and Non-target Organ Toxicities. Target Organs and Systems. Toxic Substances and Risk Assessment.

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