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Disorders of Hair Growth

Disorders of Hair Growth
titolo Disorders of Hair Growth
sottotitolo Diagnosis and Treatment
argomento Medicina Dermatologia Tricologia-onicopatie
editore McGraw-Hill Inc.,US
formato Libro
pagine 544
pubblicazione 2003
ISBN 9780071364942
233,89 222,20 (-5%)
This is the only comprehensive book on the subject of hair loss! Highly illustrated, with 250 new color photographs, this resource covers the basic science, diagnosis, and treatment of all problems related to hair. Conditions covered include childhood hair loss, excessive body hair, various types of adult balding, and loss due to medical conditions, trauma, and medications. The new Second Edition emphasizes various new diagnosis and treatment methods, including popular, recently approved remedies.

Indice testuale

DISORDERS OF HAIR GROWTH, 2E 1 Embryology And Anatomy Of The Hair Follicle 2 Differentiation Of The Hair Shaft 3 Control Of Hair Growth And Pigmentation 4 Clinical Tools For Assessing Hair Loss 5 Infectious, Physical, And Inflammatory Causes Of Hair Scalp 6 Hair Shaft Abnormalities 7 Hair Loss In Childhood 8 Alopecia Areata 9 Anagen Hair Loss 10 Diffuse Alopecia: Telogen Hair Loss 11 Pattern Hair Loss 12 Cicatricial Alopecia 13 Hypertrichosis 14 Hirsutism 15 Surgical Approach To Hair Loss 16 Hair Care Products 17 Disorders Of Hair Growth In African Americans

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