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Feline endocrinology

Feline endocrinology
titolo Feline endocrinology
autori , ,
argomenti Veterinaria Endocrinologia
editore Edra
formato Libro
pagine 646
pubblicazione 2019
ISBN 9788821448379
149,00 141,55 (-5%)
Disponibile normalmente in 10 giorni
Developed by the most renowned experts in this field, this unique and practical handbook of feline endocrinology will be the most valuable tool for small animal veterinarians who want to deepen their understanding on the pathophysiology, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of every endocrine condition recognized in cats. Rather than have the authors treating cats as small dogs, a cat-only text will allow fully focused description of conditions in this one species. Allowing these experts in feline endocrinology space to fully teach us what they have learned about cats will result in a superior resource composed of text, figures, boxes, tables, algorithms and videos (presented on an electronic version of the text).

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