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Esophagus and Stomach

Esophagus and Stomach
titolo Esophagus and Stomach
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Gastroenterologia Malattie dell'esofago
Medicina Gastroenterologia Malattie dello stomaco
Medicina Gastroenterologia
editore Mosby
formato Libro
pagine 230
pubblicazione 2003
ISBN 9780323018869
105,00 99,75 (-5%)
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This is the first volume in the "Requisites in Gastroenterology" series, designed to give you the information you need to know...quickly. In this volume, established experts clarify the essentials in Esophagus and Stomach offering practice-proven information including differential diagnosis, pitfalls and evidence-based perspectives. Contents lists are included at the start of each chapter so you can instantly see what's on offer, and helpful illustrations, boxes and tables get you to the information that you need remarkably quickly.

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1. Gastroesophageal reflux disease 2. Other causes of esophagitis 3. Barrett's esophagus 4. Motility disorders of the esophagus and upper esophageal sphincter 5. Transfer dysphagia 6. Rings, webs, stenosis and diverticula of the esophagus 7. Esophageal cancer 8. H. Pylori gastritis and other gastric infections 9. Peptic ulcer disease 10. Gastroparesis and other gastric motor abnormalities 11. Functional Dyspepsia 12. Foreign bodies of the upper gastrointestinal tract 13. Gastric cancer, lymphoma, and carcinoids of the stomach

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