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Neonatal Cerebral Investigation

Neonatal Cerebral Investigation
titolo Neonatal Cerebral Investigation
autori , , ,
argomenti Medicina Pediatria Neonatologia
Medicina Neurologia Neurologia pediatrica
Medicina Neurologia
Medicina Pediatria
editore Cambridge University Press
formato Libro
pagine 310
pubblicazione 2008
ISBN 9780521838481
205,00 194,75 (-5%)
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Neonatal Cerebral Investigation reviews all aspects of the investigation of the neonatal brain, bringing together diagnostic and prognostic information in a highly illustrated and practical text. An introductory section covers the basic principles of ultrasound, EEG, CFM and MR imaging and spectroscopy. These chapters are followed by a detailed review of normal neonatal imaging appearances and normal EEG, artefactual imaging appearances and imaging of various stages of the immature brain. Subsequent chapters discuss pre-term and term screening and review the imaging appearances in a variety of clinical conditions such as suspected seizure, suspected infection and enlarging head. Highly illustrated with over 400 ultrasound and MRI scans and EEG and CFM traces and providing detailed diagnostic and prognostic information on a wide range of clinical problems, Neonatal Cerebral Investigation provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of all aspects of investigation of the newborn baby with a potential neurological problem.


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Preface; Glossary and abbreviations; 1. Principles of ultrasound; 2. Principles of EEG; 3. Principles of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy; 4. Normal neonatal imaging appearances; 5. The normal EEG and aEEG; 6. The immature brain; 7. The baby with a suspected seizure; 8. The baby who was depressed at birth; 9. Screening the preterm infant at high risk of brain injury; 10. Common maternal and neonatal conditions that may lead to neonatal brain imaging abnormalities; 11. The baby and the fetus with abnormally large cerebral ventricles; 12. Investigations of the baby with abnormal antenatal brain scan or suspected congenital malformation of the brain; 13. Investigation of the baby with suspected CNS infection; 14. Postmortem imaging; Index.

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