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The Illustrated Horse's Foot

The Illustrated Horse's Foot
titolo The Illustrated Horse's Foot
sottotitolo A Comprehensive Guide
argomento Veterinaria Ortopedia
editore Elsevier
formato Libro
pagine 272
pubblicazione 2016
ISBN 9780702046551
130,00 123,50 (-5%)
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Achieve optimal results in equine foot care and treatment! The Illustrated Horse's Foot: A Comprehensive Guide uses clear instructions in an atlas-style format to help you accurately identify, diagnose, and treat foot problems in horses. Full-color clinical photographs show structure and function as well as the principles of correct clinical examination and shoeing, and a companion website has videos depicting equine foot cases. Written by internationally renowned expert Christoher Pollitt, this resource enhances your ability to treat equine conditions ranging from laminitis to foot cracks, infections, trauma, vascular compromise, and arthritis.

  • Comprehensive coverage addresses a wide range of equine foot conditions. 
  • A unique collection of MIMICs provides beautifully detailed anatomical hoof images.
  • 284 high-quality images show conditions of the equine foot, including many 2-D reconstructions of MRI and CT data.
  • Step-by-step case histories follow equine patients from initial presentation through diagnosis to treatment and outcome.
  • A convenient, templated format provides quick access to clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.
  • Expert author Chris Pollitt is a pioneer in the use of advanced radiographic, CT, and MRI technology for imaging equine foot and laminitis problems to facilitate accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • A companion website includes video clips of equine foot cases.

Indice testuale

SECTION I: Foot Structure and Function 1. The Hoof 2. The Hoof Capsule 3. The Dermis 4. The MIMICS Anatomical Models 5. Planar Anatomy 6. The Suspensory Apparatus of the Distal Phalanx 7. The Circulatory System 8. Histology 9. Electron Microscopy 10. Bones 11. Joints 12. Radiography of the Foot 13. The Palmar Digital Nerve SECTION II: Conditions of the Foot 14. Laminitis 15. Navicular Disease 16. Midline Toe Cracks 17. Seedy Toe ('White Line Disease') 18. Ossification of the Ungular Cartilages 19. Coronary Band Injury 20. Infected Nail Holes

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