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Avian Medicine and Surgery in Practice

Avian Medicine and Surgery in Practice
titolo Avian Medicine and Surgery in Practice
sottotitolo Companion and Aviary Birds
argomenti Veterinaria Chirurgia
Veterinaria Uccelli
editore CRC Press
formato Libro
pagine 495
pubblicazione 2016
ISBN 9781482260205
105,00 99,75 (-5%)

Avian Medicine and Surgery in Practice is an invaluable quick reference resource for clinicians and a useful study guide for veterinary students.

In this practical and beautifully illustrated book, early chapters cover physical examination, advice on interpreting diagnostic tests, and avian anatomy and physiology. Disorders affecting the different body regions and systems make up the majority of the book from the external-skin, feathers, eyes, legs and feet-to the internal including the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system. Further aspects of avian medicine discussed in the book include behavioural problems, incubation of eggs, paediatrics and surgery.

Written by an expert with more than 30 years of clinical experience in avian medicine, the new edition is thoroughly revised with updated diseases, new and expanded clinical techniques, and over 100 new color illustrations. It also adds four important new chapters: Husbandry, Grooming and Nutrition, Diagnostic Imaging, Endoscopy, and Oncology as well as new sections on cardiovascular anatomy and neuroanatomy.


Indice testuale

Clinical Anatomy and Physiology Introduction The Skin, Feathers, Nails and Beak The Skeleton The Digestive Tract The Urinary System The Respiratory Tract The Reproductive Tract Cardiovascular System Nervous System Endocrine Glands Organs of the Special Senses The Immune System Further Reading Husbandry, Grooming and Nutrition Husbandry Further Reading The Physical Examination Understanding the Masking Phenomenon Examination Room Equipment History Taking The Distant Examination The Physical Examination Further Reading Clinical Techniques Diagnostic Techniques Treatment Techniques Further Reading Diagnostic Imaging Radiology Ultrasound Computerised Tomography (CT) Fluoroscopy Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Further Reading Endoscopy Equipment Caring for the Equipment Operating the Endoscope Biopsy Collection Endoscopic Approaches Further Reading Interpreting Diagnostic Tests Choosing Which Tests to Use Haematology Protein Electrophoresis Clinical Biochemistry Lipids Serology PCR Testing Cultures Cytology Further Reading Supportive Therapy Dehydration Hypothermic Shock Catabolism Respiratory Compromise Analgesia Blood Loss Hospital Care Further Reading Differential Diagnoses Change in Droppings Appetite and Thirst Vomiting Weight Loss Posture Feathers and Skin Wings Feet and Legs Beak Eyes Face Body Paediatrics Further Reading Diseases of the Skin and Feathers Congenital Disorders Nutritional Disorders Endocrine Disorders Bacterial Infections Fungal Infections Viral Infections Parasitic Infections Neoplastic and Pseudoneoplastic Conditions Toxic Conditions Conditions Affecting the Uropygial Gland Iatrogenic Trauma Feather Damaging Behaviour and Other Self-Mutilating Conditions Further Reading Disorders of the Beak and Cere Malformation Trauma Hyperextension of the Maxilla Overgrown Maxilla Infection Neoplasia Keratin Flakes on the Beak Disorders of the Cere Further Reading Disorders of the Eye Assessing the Eye Disorders of the Eye Further Reading Disorders of the Ear Otitis Externa Otitis Media and Otitis Interna Further Reading Diseases of the Legs, Feet and Toes Malformations Pathological Fractures Toe Anteroflexion Slipped Tendon (Perosis) Swollen Joints Pododermatitis Constricted Toe Syndrome Bilateral Paresis or Paralysis Unilateral Paresis or Paralysis Hyperkeratosis Self-Mutilation of the Feet and Toes Toe Tapping in Eclectus Parrots Leg Band Constriction Toe Necrosis Frost Bite Overgrown Nails Missing Nails and Toes Further Reading Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System Skeletal Hereditary, Congenital and Developmental Nutritional/Metabolic Joints Muscles Congenital Non-Inflammatory Inflammatory: Non-Infectious Inflammatory: Infectious Neoplastic Tendons and Ligament Further Reading Diseases of the Gastrointestinal Tract The Oropharynx and Crop Proventriculus and Ventriculus Disorders of the Intestinal Tract Disorders of the Cloaca Further Reading Disorders of the Liver Overview of Liver Disease Aetiology of Liver Disease Clinical Signs Diagnosis Treatment Chlamydiosis Pacheco's Disease Further Reading Disorders of the Pancreas Exocrine Endocrine Further Reading Diseases of the Respiratory System Upper Respiratory Tract Lower Respiratory Tract Further Reading Disorders of the Cardiovascular System Cardiac Disease Atherosclerosis Hypertension Further Reading Disorders of the Lymphatic and Haematopoietic Systems Overview Diseases of the Bone Marrow Primary Disorders of the Immune System Further Reading Disorders of the Nervous System Introduction History Distant Examination Physical Examination Diagnostic Tests Central Nervous System Disorders Bacterial Infections Fungal Diseases Chlamydia Protozoal Diseases Nematodes Trauma Cerebrovascular Accidents Toxins Nutritional Deficiencies Neoplasia Epilepsy/Seizures Peripheral Nervous System Disorders Further Reading Disorders of the Reproductive Tract The Male Reproductive Tract The Female Reproductive Tract The Ovary The Oviduct Investigating Reproduction Problems in the Aviary Further Reading Disorders of the Urinary System Renal Disease Urolithiasis Gout Zinc Toxicosis Further Reading Behavioural Problems Introduction Principles Understanding Bird Behaviour How Do Behavioural Problems Develop? Historical Approach to Treating Behavioural Problems New Concepts Basic Steps to Implement in a Behaviour-Modification Programme Further Reading Incubation of Eggs Why Incubate Eggs? When to Collect Eggs Storing Eggs Prior to Incubation Sanitation of the Eggs Equipment Incubation Parameters Monitoring Hygiene Record Keeping Embryonic Development Hatching Egg Necropsy Further Reading Paediatrics Introduction Examination of the Chick Common Problems Further Reading Analgesia and Anaesthesia Analgesia Anaesthesia Further Reading Surgery Introduction Pre-Surgical Assessment and Conditioning Surgical Preparation and Patient Support Procedures Common Soft Tissue Surgical Procedures Orthopaedics Further Reading Oncology Introduction Tumour Classification Further Reading Appendix 1: Formulary Appendix 2: Reference Intervals for Commonly Kept Companion Birds Appendix 3: Biological Values for Some Common Companion Bird Species

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