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Textbook of Melanoma

Textbook of Melanoma
titolo Textbook of Melanoma
sottotitolo Pathology, Diagnosis and Management
autori , ,
argomenti Medicina Dermatologia Oncologia dermatologica
Medicina Dermatologia
editore Taylor & Francis Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 708
pubblicazione 2003
ISBN 9781901865653
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An extensive reference work, Textbook of Melanoma presents the latest information on the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of this increasingly common type of cancer. It distinguishes itself by its scholarship, its comprehensive treatment of all aspects of the disease, its accessibility, and especially its focus. The breadth and depth of the coverage is reflected by the wide range of international authors, all experts in their respective fields, profiling everything from prevention strategies to gene therapy. The result is a comprehensive review of current knowledge, a guide to what is currently regarded as best clinical practice, and a preview of future developments.

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HISTORY Melanoma: An Historical Perspective, N.C. Davis, H.M. Shaw, and W.H. McCarthy BASIC BIOLOGY OF THE PIGMENT CELL SYSTEM AND CAUSATION OF MELANOMA Cell Cycle Regulation in the Melanocyte, H. Rizos, T.M. Becker, E.A. Holland Skin Immunity and Melanoma Development, G.M. Halliday Environmental Influences on Cutaneous Melanoma, J.-F. Dore and M. Boniol Genetic Predisposition to Melanoma, R.F. Kefford, G.J. Mann, and J.N. Bishop EPIDEMIOLOGY, PREVENTION AND SCREENING Epidemiology of Cutaneous Melanoma and Current Trends, B. Armstrong Prevention Strategies, Early Diagnosis and Results of Education Programs, J.K. Rivers and R.C. Burton The Role of Sunscreens in Prevention, P. Autier and J.-F. Dore Population Screening for Melanoma: Current Evidence and a Community-Based Randomized Trial, J. Aitken and M. Elwood HISTOPATHOLOGY AND CLASSIFICATION The Histological Diagnosis and Classification of Melanoma, K. Crotty, S. McCarthy, and M.C. Mihm, Jr. Pathological Reporting of Cutaneous Melanoma, A.J. Cochran and K. Crotty Immunohistochemistry and Special Diagnostic Techniques, D.J. Ruiter, W.J. Mooi, G.N.P. van Muijen, and A.J. Cochran Ultrastaging of Melanoma Patients: Molecular Detection of Micrometastatic Disease, B. Taback and D.S.B. Hoon STAGING AND PROGNOSIS Staging Systems for Cutaneous Melanoma, J.E. Gershenwald, M.I. Rossl, and A.C. Buzaid The Natural History of Melanoma and Factors Predicting Outcome, C.M. Balch, S.J. Soong, and J.F. Thompson DIAGNOSIS OF PRIMARY CUTANEOUS MELANOMA AND INITIAL INVESTIGATIONS Melanoma Precursor Lesions: Recognition and Management, R.G.B. Langley, S. Soon, and J.K. Rivers Primary Cutaneous Melanoma: Clinical Diagnosis, W.H McCarthy and G.M. Milton Surface Microscopy Features of Melanoma, S. Menzies and W. Stolz Computer-Aided Instrumentation for the Diagnosis of Primary Melanoma, M. Binder and S. Menzies Initial Staging Investigations, A.C. Buzaid, J.E. Gershenwald, and M.I. Ross MANAGEMENT OF THE PRIMARY CUTANEOUS MELANOMA SITE Surgical Management of Primary Melanoma: Excision Biopsy and Wide Local Excision, T.M.D. Hughes, M. Santinami, L. Lenisa, and N. Cascinelli Surgical Management of Primary Melanoma: Reconstruction after Wide Excision, M.J. Quinn and J. F. Thompson MANAGEMENT OF REGIONAL LYMPH NODES Elective Lymph Node Dissection, N. Cascinelli, F. Belli, W.H. McCarthy, and E.A Felger Therapeutic Axillary Lymph Node Dissection for Metastatic Melanoma, D.W. Ollila, W.H. McCarthy, and E.A. Felger Groin and Pelvic Dissection, C.P. Karakousis and J.F. Thompson Neck Dissection and Parotidectomy, C.J. O'Brien, J.P. Shah, and A. Balm Lymphatic Mapping and Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: The Concept, D.L. Morton and J.F. Thompson Sentinel Node Biopsy: Historical Aspects, R.F. Uren and D.N. Krag The Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Procedure: Identification with Blue Dye and a Gamma Probe, R. Essener, J.F. Thompson, and O.E. Nieweg Lymphoscintigraphy, R.F. Uren and C.A. Hoefnagel Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: Results to Date, D. Reintgen, M.I. Ross, and R. Essner Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: Unresolved Questions, O.E. Nieweg, R.F. Uren, and J.F. Thompson SPECIAL SITUATIONS Cutaneous Melanoma in Childhood: Incidence and Prognosis, H.M. Shaw and J.F. Thompson Desmoplastic and Neurotropic Melanoma, M.J. Quinn and K. Crotty LOCALLY AND LOCOREGIONALLY RECURRENT MELANOMA Radiation Therapy in Locally Advanced Melanoma, G. Stevens Isolated Limb Perfusion: Technical Aspects, H.S. Koops, F.L. Lejeune, and B.B.R. Kroon, J.M. Klaase, and H.J. Hoekstra Isolated Limb Perfusion: Results and Complications, B.B.R. Kroom, D.L. Fraker, B.C. Vrouenreats, and J.F. Thompson Isolated Limb Infusion, J.F. Thompson, P.C.A. Kam, J.H.W. de Wilt, and P. Lindner Isolated Limb Perfusion and Infusion: Preclinical Studies and Future Directions, B.M. Smithers and J.H.W. de Wilt Other Treatments, A.J. McKay and D.S. Byrne METASTATIC DISEASE AT DISTANT SITES: DIAGNOSIS AND LOCAL MANAGEMENT Metastatic Disease at Distant Sites: Follow-Up, J.A. Olson, Jr, and D.G. Coit Diagnosis of Systemic Metastatic Disease: PET Scanning, J.D.H. de Vries, O.E. Nieweg, and R.F. Uren Diagnosis of Systemic Metastatic Disease: Conventional Imaging Techniques, R. Perry Diagnosis of Systemic Metastatic Disease: PET Scanning, J.D.H. de Vries, O.E. Nieweg, and R.F. Uren Diagnosis of Systematic Metestatic Diseases: Blood Tests and Markers, J.F. Thompson and D.L. Morton Local Treatment of Systemic Metastases: Rationale and Principles, J.F. Thompson and D.L. Morton Pulmonary Resection for Metastatic Melanoma, D.W. Ollila, J.D. Sadoff, and B.C. McCaughan Hepatic Surgery for Metastatic Melanoma, A.J. Bilchik, R. Essner, J.F Thompson, and D.L. Morton Gastrointestinal and Other Intraabdominal Melanoma Metastases, J.M. Klaase and B.B.R. Kroon Cerebral Metastases, G. Stevens and K. Fife The Role of Radiation Therapy in Metastatic Melanoma: An Overview, G. Stevens METASTATOC MELANOMA AT DISTANT SITES: SYSTEMIC THERAPY Management of Patient with Advanced Disease, R.F. Kefford Adjuvant Chemotherapy and Chemo-biotherapy for High Risk Primary Disease and Resected Metastatic Melanoma, I.N. Olver Immunotherapy of Melanoma: Principles, P. Hershey Adjuvant Immunotherapy for High Risk Primary Disease and Resected Metastatic Melanoma, P. Hershey, D.L. Morton, and A. Eggermont Systemic Chemotherapy and Chemo-biotherapy for Non-Resected Metastatic Melanoma, D. Khayat Immunotherapy for Non-Resected Melanoma, P. Hershey Gene Therapy, G. Parmiani and P. Dalerba New Anti-Cancer Agents: Possibilities for Improving the Therapy of Metastatic Melanoma, M. Millward PRIMARY MELANOMAS IN NON-CUTANEOUS SITES Melanoma if the Urogenital Tract, M. Henderson and J.F. Thompson Primary Pulmonary Metastases, J.F. Thompson and J.H.W. de Wilt Primary Melanomas of the Gastrointestinal Tract, B.M. Smithers Ocular Melanomas. M.E. Giblin, J.A. Sheilds, and C.L. Sheilds GUIDELINES Guidelines for the Management of Melanoma, W.H. McCarthy and B.B.R. Kroon

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