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Practice Management for the Dental Team

Practice Management for the Dental Team
titolo Practice Management for the Dental Team
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Management sanitario Management odontoiatrico
Medicina Odontoiatria Ergonomia e organizzazione
editore Mosby
formato Libro
pagine 400
pubblicazione 2015
ISBN 9780323171434
63,00 53,55
Risparmi: € 9,45
Learn the business skills you need to run a dental office! Not only is Practice Management for the Dental Team the most comprehensive dental practice management book on the market, it is also the only one that includes EagleSoft software exercises for a realistic office experience. This unique text provides step-by-step instructions for performing essential dental office skills, from managing patients to running the business. It covers all aspects of law and ethics, technology, communications, and business office systems. Spiral binding makes the book easy to use!

Indice testuale

PART I: DENTISTRY AS A BUSINESS 1. The Business of Dentistry 2. Dental Team Management 3. Patient Management 4. Legal and Ethical Issues in the Dental Business Office 5. Technology in the Business Office 6. Office Design and Equipment Placement PART II: COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT 7. Working with Dental Office Documents 8. Business Record Storage 9. Written Communication 10. Electronic and Telecommunications PART III: BUSINESS OFFICE SYSTEMS 11. Appointment Management Systems 12. Inventory Systems and Supply Ordering 13. Recall Systems 14. Dental Insurance 15. Financial Systems: Accounts Receivable 16. Other Financial Systems 17. Infection Control Systems PART IV: THE DENTAL ASSISTANT IN THE WORKPLACE 18. Planning and Managing Your Career Path Appendix A Composition Basics Appendix B Numbers Appendix C Prefixes and Suffixes Appendix D Abbreviations Appendix E Dental Terminology Index

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