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Extra-cranial Applications of Diffusion-weighted MRI

Extra-cranial Applications of Diffusion-weighted MRI
titolo Extra-cranial Applications of Diffusion-weighted MRI
argomenti Medicina Risonanza magnetica RM in neurologia
Medicina Neurologia Imaging in neurologia
Medicina Neurologia
Medicina Risonanza magnetica
editore Cambridge University Press
formato Libro
pagine 226
pubblicazione 2010
ISBN 9780521518697
82,00 77,90 (-5%)
Continuous improvement in MRI technology in recent years has led to the application of diffusion-weighted MR imaging in organ systems outside the brain. Extra-Cranial Applications of Diffusion-Weighted MRI provides an extensive review of current and future applications of this imaging modality by world-renowned experts. Organized by organ system, each chapter is highly illustrated, offering a balance of protocols, illustrations and principles of image interpretation. An initial chapter provides an overview of relevant physics and other technical details, followed by detailed chapters on all major body systems including liver, kidney, prostate, breast and spine. A final chapter discusses assessment of therapy response. Written and edited by leading DW-MRI experts worldwide, Extra-Cranial Applications of Diffusion-Weighted MRI is an invaluable resource for radiology trainees, practising radiologists and for researchers in a wide variety of disciplines.

Indice testuale

Preface; 1. Basic physical principles of body diffusion-weighted imaging Eric E. Sigmund and Jens Jensen; 2. Diffusion-weighted MR imaging of the liver Bachir Taouli and Dow-Mu Koh; 3. Diffusion-weighted imaging of diffuse renal disease and kidney transplant Frederik De Keyzer and Harriet C. Thoeny; 4. Diffusion-weighted imaging of focal renal masses Sooah Kim and Bachir Taouli; 5. Diffusion-weighted imaging of the pancreas Tomoaki Ichikawa, Ali Muhi, Utaroh Motosugi and Katushiro Sano; 6. Diffusion-weighted imaging of the prostate Sophie F. Riches and Nandita DeSouza; 7. Breast applications of diffusion-weighted imaging Yong Guo; 8. Diffusion-weighted MR imaging of lymph nodes Thomas C. Kwee and Taro Takahara; 9. Diffusion-weighted MR imaging of female pelvic tumors Hela Sbano and Anwar R. Padhani; 10. Diffusion-weighted MR imaging of the bone marrow and the spine Andrea Baur-Melnyk and Olaf Dietrich; 11. Diffusion-weighted imaging of soft tissue tumors Masayuki Maeda; 12. Evaluation of treatment response with DWI Andriy M. Babsky, Shenghong Ju and Navin Bansal; 13. Diffusion-weighted MR imaging: future directions Dow-Mu Koh and David J. Collins; Index.

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