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Shnider and Levinson's Anesthesia for Obstetrics

Shnider and Levinson's  Anesthesia for Obstetrics
titolo Shnider and Levinson's Anesthesia for Obstetrics
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Ostetricia Anestesia ostetrica
Medicina Anestesia e rianimazione Anestesia ostetrico-ginecologica
editore Wolters Kluwer
formato Libro
pagine 860
pubblicazione 2013
ISBN 9781451114355
222,00 210,90 (-5%)

Now in a fully updated Fifth Edition, "Shnider and Levinson's Anesthesia for Obstetrics", continues to provide the comprehensive coverage that has made it the leading reference in the field. The rising number of Cesarean births and the more advanced age of first-time mothers in the United States have brought with them an increased risk for complications, making the role of the obstetric anesthesiologist increasingly important. Inside you'll explore: Maternal and Fetal Physiology builds your understanding of placental transfer of drugs; Fetal Assessment covers the basics of antenatal assessment and intrapartum monitoring; Anesthesia and Analgesia addresses the anesthetic considerations of vaginal and Cesarean delivery; Neonatal Well-Being-including neonatal resuscitation and neonatal injury; Management of Obstetric Complications helps minimize the risks posed by abnormal positioning, intrapartum fever, and antepartum and postpartum hemorrhage; Management of Anesthetic Complications addresses the special problems related to obstetric anesthesia, including embolic events and intubation problems; Management of the Parturient with Coexisting Disorders prepares you for the special challenges faced when treating mothers with hypertensive, respiratory, endocrine, neurologic, or other disorders. Difficult and Failed Intubation: Strategies, Prevention, and Management of Airway-Related Catastrophes addresses the airway related maternal mortality, predictors of difficult airway and strategies to manage the unanticipated difficult airway as well as the critical airway with increasing hyoxemia. NEW to the Fifth Edition: new editorial team; new full-color format; new sections on Assessment of the Fetus; Anesthesia for Cesarean Delivery; Neonatal Well-Being: Old and New Concepts; Ethical, Medical, and Social Challenges and Issues; Maternal Safety, Difficult and Failed Intubation, Morbidity, and Mortality; and Anesthetic Considerations for Reproductive, In-Utero, and Non-Obstetric Procedures.


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