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Handbook of Mri Staging of Pelvic Cancer

Handbook of Mri Staging of Pelvic Cancer
titolo Handbook of Mri Staging of Pelvic Cancer
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Risonanza magnetica RM addominale e pelvica
Medicina Oncologia Imaging oncologico
editore Informa Healthcare
formato Libro
pagine 266
pubblicazione 2003
ISBN 9781859960691
132,00 125,40 (-5%)
An essential reference for all radiologists using Magnetic Resonance Imaging to identify and diagnose pelvic cancer, MRI Manual of Pelvic Cancer provides readers with a working knowledge of current technology and a comprehensive set of images of the various pelvic cancers. The book starts with three introductory chapters focusing on basic pelvic anatomy, imaging, and reporting. The subsequent chapters focus on each of the major types of pelvic cancer using a consistent format to aid diagnosis. Written by internationally renowned authors, the book is an invaluable bench reference for all those required to report on MR examinations.

Indice testuale

DIAGNOSIS AND STAGING OF PELVIC TUMOURS: THE ROLE OF MR IMAGING, B.M. CarringtonIntroductionTumour DiagnosisTumour StagingTumour Staging SystemsStage Migration (Stage Shift)Principles of Oncoradiological Practice in Tumour Diagnosis and StagingFurther ReadingMR IMAGING TECHNIQUES IN PELVIC CANCER, S.M. Todd and A. JonesIntroductionMR Imaging EquipmentMR Imaging ProtocolsPatient Motivation and SupportExpert Radiographers / TechnologiesNew TechniquesFurther ReadingANATOMY OF THE PELVIS, P.A. HulseMusculoskeletal MorphologyPelvic Fascia, Visceral Ligaments and Peritoneal ReflectionsPelvic VisceraPerineumArteriesVeinsLymph NodesNervesFurther ReadingCERVICAL CANCER, B.M. Carrington and R. BramleyBackground InformationMR Imaging of Cervical CancerFurther ReadingENDOMETRIAL CANCER, J.M. HawnaurBackground InformationMR Imaging of Endometrial CancerFurther ReadingOVARIAN CANCER, S. Roach and P.A. HulseBackground InformationMR Imaging of Ovarian CancerFurther ReadingVAGINAL CANCER, M.B. Taylor and N. DugarBackground InformationMR Imaging of Vaginal CancerFurther ReadingVULVAR CANCER, J.M. HawnaurBackground InformationMR Imaging of Vulvar CancerFurther ReadingRECTAL CANCER, M. DobsonBackground InformationMR Imaging of Rectal CancerFurther ReadingANAL CANCER, P.A. Hulse and B.M. CarringtonBackground InformationMR Imaging of Anal CancerFurther ReadingBLADDER CANCER, S. Bonington and J.A.L. LawrenceBackground InformationMR Imaging of Bladder CancerFurther ReadingPROSTATE CANCER, R. BramleyBackground InformationMR Imaging of Prostate CancerFurther ReadingPELVIC METASTASES, F.J. Moulding and B.M. CarringtonIntroductionLymph Node MetastasesBone MetastasesMetastases to Pelvic VisceraFurther ReadingMR IMAGING OF RESIDUAL AND RECURRENT TUMOUR BEFORE PELVIC CLEARANCE SURGERY, B.M. CarringtonIntroductionResidual and Recurrent TumourPelvic Clearance (Exenteration)The Role of MR Imaging in Tumour Recurrence and Pelvic ClearancePatient Evaluation before Pelvic ClearanceAccuracy of MRI in RecurrenceAccuracy of MRI before Pelvic ClearancePitfalls of MRIFurther Reading

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