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The Pediatric Procedural Sedation Handbook

The Pediatric Procedural Sedation Handbook
titolo The Pediatric Procedural Sedation Handbook
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argomenti Medicina Anestesia e rianimazione Anestesia pediatrica
Medicina Anestesia e rianimazione
Medicina Pediatria
editore Oxford University Press Inc
formato Libro
lingua inglese
pagine 512
pubblicazione 2019
ISBN 9780190659110
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The Pediatric Procedural Sedation Handbook provides a comprehensive but concise review of the essential information needed to allow for the safe practice of pediatric procedural sedation. Written by a group of multidisciplinary authors, this text explores the fundamentals of sedation, procedural sedation, special patient considerations, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and more. Each chapter offers a starting point and suggestions for further in-depth study of all aspects of providing safe, effective, multidisciplinary-team based sedation care for children undergoing testing and procedures outside of an operating room setting. Appendices providing medication dosing and delivery route suggestions complement the text and can be used for quick reference. This book is a must-read for any clinician involved in modern, team-based patient-centered care, including physicians, nurses, dentists, and child life specialists. Editors and authors are members of the Society of Pediatric Sedation, a multidisciplinary society dedicated to the advance of pediatric sedation by promoting safe, high quality care, innovative research, and quality professional education.

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Part 1. Fundamentals of Sedation
Chapter 1: Pediatric Sedation - How it has evolved?
Lia Lowrie
Chapter 2: The Impact of Procedural Stress
Jill Chorney and Melissa Howlett
Chapter 3: Sedation as a Continuum
3.1 Minimal, Moderate and Deep Sedation
Elise Van der Jagt
3.2 Assessing Patient State and Efficacy
Joseph Cravero
Chapter 4: Pediatric Airway and Respiration
4.1 The Pediatric Airway
Lowell Clark and Stephen Tomek
4.2 Sedation Effects
Mary Landrigan-Ossar and Samuel Vanderhoek
4.3 Techniques for Managing the Airway
Mary Landrigan-Ossar and Samuel Vanderhoek
Chapter 5: Cardiovascular System
5.1 Sedation Effects
Jeffrey Linzer
5.2 Congenital Heart Disease Considerations
Michael Wolf and Feifei Williams
Chapter 6: The Pediatric Pre-Sedation Evaluation and Preparation
6.1 Risk Assessment
Mark Buckmaster
6.2 Pre-screening
Deborah LaViolette
6.3 Pre-sedation Preparation: Equipment and Time Out/Checklists
Elizabeth Mack and Rhea Vidrine
6.4 Fasting and Aspiration Risk in Procedural Sedation
Maala Bhatt and Mark Roback
Chapter 7: Monitoring
7.1 Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring and Electrocardiography
Melissa Langhan and Seth Wolf
7.2 Pulse Oximetry
Melissa Langhan and Storm Liebling
7.3 Ventilation
Kevin Couloures
7.4 Observation
Debra Faulk
Chapter 8: The Recovery Phase of Sedation
8.1 Monitoring
Lorie Reilly
8.2 Discharge Considerations
Michelle Rhoads and Tracy Campbell
8.3 Follow-up
Lorie Reilly
Chapter 9: Adverse Events of Sedation
9.1 Definition and Incidence
David Fagin
9.2 Minor Events
Corrie Chumpitazi
9.3 Moderate Events
Corrie Chumpitazi
9.4 Major Events
Corrie Chumpitazi
9.5 Risks
Peter Chin and Sara Walls
9.6 Methods of Rescue and Response
Corrie Chumpitazi and Christopher Rees

Part 2. Procedural Sedation
Chapter 10: Procedural Considerations
10.1 Procedural Aspects affecting Sedation Care: Invasiveness and Duration
Anne Stormorken
10.2 Procedural Aspects affecting Sedation Care: Skill Set and Location
Susanne Kost and Kimberly Fugok
10.3 Urgent Sedation (unscheduled procedural sedation) in the Emergency Department Benjamin Jackson, Elysha Pifko
Chapter 11: Special Patient Considerations
11.1 The Obese Child
James Hertzog
11.2 The Autistic Child
Pradip Kamat and Laurie Burton
11.3 The Child with Cerebral Palsy
Joanne Hojsak and Jennifer Gillen
11.4 The Premature Infant
Jeana Havidich and Rebecca Evans
Chapter 12: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures
12.1 Radiology - MRI and CT imaging Considerations
Amber Rogers
12.2 Radiation Therapy
Nicole Johnson and Bryan McKee
12.3 VCUG
Patricia Scherrer and Laura Bredbenner
12.4 Endoscopy
Barbara Dilos and Cheryl Gooden
12.5 Biopsy
Jennifer Biber and Jenna Wheeler
12.6 Pulmonary
Paul Smith
12.7 Cardiology
Janey Phelps
12.8 Oncology
Gordon Gale
12.9 Intravenous Access
Jenna Fine and Lia Lowrie
12.10 Orthopedic
Mary Hegenbarth
12.11 Neurology
Daniel Sedillo and Samuel Zuckerman
12.12 Cutaneous
Judson Barber and Jacinta Cooper
12.13 Botox Injections
Christina Mannix
Chapter 13: Sedation in the Pediatric Dental Practice
John Unkel
Chapter 14: International Approaches to Pediatric Sedation
14.1 The NICE Guideline: UK Experience
Michael Surry and Sarah Greenaway
Chapter 15: Non-IV Sedation
15.1 Nitrous Oxide
Judith Zier and Mary Kay Farrell
15.2 Intranasal Medications
Daniel Tsze and Jason Reynolds
15.3 Oral Medications
Becky Burger and Shobhit Jain
15.4 Topical and Local Anesthetics
Constance Houck and Amy Vinson

Part 3. Beyond Sedation
Chapter 16: Multiprofessional Team
16.1 Physician Training and Perspective
Gregory Hollman and Andrea Carberry
16.2 Nursing
Michelle Rhoads and Eileen Briening
16.3 Child Life Specialists
Laura Mitchell and Christine Tatem
Chapter 17: Guidelines, Regulatory Issues and Reimbursement
17.1 Society Guidelines
Urmila Tirodker
17.2 Regulatory Issues
Jerard (Mick) Connors and Jesse Sturm
17.3 Hospital and Professional Reimbursement
David Banks and David Werner
17.4 The Credentialing and Re-credentialing Process
Joseph Tobias and Gregory Hollman
Chapter 18: Administrative Organization
18.1 A Sedation Unit Approach
John Kopec
18.2 A Sedation Team Approach
Michael Turmelle
Chapter 19: Quality Improvement in Pediatric Sedation
Cheri Landers and Ashwin Krishna

Appendix: Pharmacologic Therapy
Sally Webb and John Berkenbosch

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