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The Italian Smart Office

The Italian Smart Office
titolo The Italian Smart Office
sottotitolo The story of Estel
argomenti Architettura e Design Design Opere di carattere generale
Architettura e Design Design
editore Mondadori Electa
formato Libro
pagine 1232
pubblicazione 2020
ISBN 9788891822796
60,00 57,00 (-5%)
Disponibilità immediata
The book takes the reader through Estel's history from the future to the past, working backwards in five major phases of the company's progress. These phases are related through various illustrations, best called 'dioramas,' covering double-spreads that fold out, making four full-size pages. Especially created for the book by Pierluigi Longo, these "dioramas" emerge like grandiose modern-day frescoes in which the facts and leading figures of the business world can be observed and studied, along with the production panorama and market environment around them. They represent a sort of visualised concept that not only illustrates and tracks a path through the book, but also lends it concept and structure.

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