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Oxford Desk Reference: Critical Care

Oxford Desk Reference: Critical Care
titolo Oxford Desk Reference: Critical Care
curatori , , ,
argomento Medicina Anestesia e rianimazione Terapia intensiva e critical care
editore Oxford University Press
formato Libro
lingua inglese
pagine 704
pubblicazione 2019
ISBN 9780198723561
99,00 94,05 (-5%)
A popular, practical and easy-to-use guide, Oxford Desk Reference: Critical Care second edition distils evidence, therapeutics, and a growing knowledge base in to one single resource. Using their expertise, the Editors have devised an invaluable clinical guide reflecting best practice and training pathways ensuring all key information is covered. Each topic is laid out in a concise entry allowing rapid access to information. The second edition includes new chapters on tissue perfusion monitoring, paediatric and maternal critical care as well as expanded coverage of cardiovascular monitoring, myocardial infarction and respiratory therapy techniques. New self-assessment questions support FFICM and EDIC (European Diploma of Intensive Care) revision as well as CME reflection. Covering the entire discipline in an easy-to-read format, this is the definitive clinical reference for critical care, ideal for trainees, consultants, advanced care practitioners, and nurses. It is a definitive everyday reference for on the Intensive Care Units, High Dependency Units, acute medical or surgical wards, Accident and Emergency departments, and operating theatres.

Indice testuale

1: Respiratory therapy techniques
2: Cardiovascular therapy techniques
3: Renal therapy techniques
4: Gastrointestinal therapy techniques
5: Nutrition
6: Respiratory monitoring
7: Cardiovascular monitoring
8: Tissue Perfusion monitoring
9: Neurological monitoring
10: Fluids
11: Respiratory Drugs
12: Cardiovascular drugs
13: Gastrointestinal drugs
14: Neurological drugs
15: Haematological drugs
16: Miscellaneous drugs
17: Resuscitation
18: Respiratory disorders
19: Cardiovascular disorders
20: Renal disorders
21: Gastrointestinal disorders
22: Hepatic disorders
23: Neurological disorders
24: Haematological Disorders
25: Metabolic disorders
26: Poisoning
27: Shock
28: Infection and inflammation
29: Trauma and burns
30: Physical disorders
31: Pain and post-operative intensive care
32: Maternal Critical care
33: Death and dying
34: ICU organization and management
35: Looking after critically ill children

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