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Clinical Cases in Dental Hygiene

Clinical Cases in Dental Hygiene
titolo Clinical Cases in Dental Hygiene
curatori , ,
argomento Medicina Odontoiatria Igiene orale
editore Wiley-Blackwell
formato Libro
lingua inglese
pagine 320
pubblicazione 2019
ISBN 9781119145028
95,00 80,75
Risparmi: € 14,25
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Clinical Cases in Dental Hygiene is an indispensable resource to understanding both the theory and practice of dental hygiene, illustrated by real-life cases in a clinically relevant format. Offers a unique case-based format that supports problem-based learning Promotes independent learning through self-assessment and critical thinking Includes a wealth of relevant cases for understanding dental procedures and management of patients Covers all essential topics within the scope of dental hygiene

Indice testuale

List of contributors Preface Chapter 1 Patient examination Stefania Moglia Willis and Aaron Yancoskie Case 1 Examination and documentation Case 2 Head and neck examination Case 3 Radiographic examination Case 4 Occlusal examination Case 5 Gingival examination Case 6 Periodontal examination Chapter 2 Dental hygiene diagnosis Holly Harper Case 1 Plaque- induced gingivitis Case 2 Non-plaque-induced gingivitis Case 3 Drug-induced-gingivitis Case 4 Chronic periodontitis Case 5 Aggressive periodontitis Case 6 Local contributing factors Chapter 3 Planning and Managing Dental Hygiene Care Shirley S. Birenz and Cynthia J. Howard Case 1 Infection control Case 2 Emergency situations and provision of appropriate care Case 3 Individualized patient education Case 4 Nutritional counseling Case 5 Dental hygiene treatment strategies Chapter 4 Nonsurgical Periodontal Procedures Judy Kreismann and Marija Cahoon Case 1 Periodontal debridement (Hand, ultrasonic, sonic instrumentation) Case 2 Reassessment (reevaluation) and maintenance Case 3 Oral hygiene instruction Chapter 5 Pharmacology Ronald L. Lehane Case 1 Pain and anxiety control: analgesics Case 2 Pain and anxiety control: topical and local anesthetics Case 3 Pain and anxiety control: nitrous oxide Case 4 Topical drug delivery (e.g., local drug delivery, oral rinses and irrigation) Case 5 Systemic antibiotics and enzyme suppression therapy Chapter 6 Surgical Periodontal Procedures Edgard S. El Chaar, Stefanie E. Cruz, Angelita L. Leon and Yung Cheng Paul Yu Case 1 Surgical support services Case 2 Implant procedures and maintenance Chapter 7 Preventive Therapies Kellie R. Kennedy and Mark S. Wolff Case 1 Plaque removal; individualized patient education Case 2 Fluorides - systemic and topical Case 3 Pit and fissure sealants Chapter 8 Providing Supportive Treatment Services Lorilei Kirby and Kim Attanasi Case 1 Biomaterials Case 2 Polishing natural and restored teeth Case 3 Making of impressions and preparation of study casts Case 4 Other supportive services Chapter 9 Management of Special Needs Patients Rosemary D. Hays, Eva M. Lupovici and Sarah Yoon Kang Case 1 Older adult Case 2 Psychiatric disability Case 3 Abuse Case 4 Substance related disorder Chapter 10 Management of Medically Complex Patients Debra Ferraiolo, Miriam R. Robbins, Silvia Spivakovsky, Analia Veitz-Keenan and Joan A. Phelan Case 1 Patient with diabetes Case 2 Patient with asthma Case 3 Patient with hypertension Case 4 Patient taking antithrombotic drugs Case 5 Patient with liver and kidney disease Chapter 11 Professional Responsibility Winnie Furnari Case 1 Ethical principles, including informed consent Case 2 Regulatory compliance Case 3 Patient and professional communication Chapter 12 Community Health and Oral Promotion Lisa B. Stefanou and Dianne L. Sefo Case 1 Promoting Health and Preventing Disease within Groups Case 2 Participating in Community Programs

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