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The Pediatric Diagnostic Examination

The Pediatric Diagnostic Examination
titolo The Pediatric Diagnostic Examination
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Editore McGraw-Hill Medical
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Pubblicazione 2007
ISBN 9780071471763
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An essential guide to interpreting signs and symptoms in infants, children, and adolescents "As a physician who has spent the past 40 years honing my skills as a diagnostician, I see this book as a welcome addition to my personal library and recommend it enthusiastically to all those who desire to improve their personal effectiveness in getting children the right care at the right time."--Jay E. Berkelhamer, MD, FAAP, President, American Academy of Pediatrics (from the foreword) This well-illustrated, full-color handbook offers a logical, systematic approach to differential diagnosis in children, and is ideal for developing the skills and confidence necessary for diagnosing pediatric patients. Incorporating must-know anatomy, pathophysiology, and diagnostic tools, Pediatric Diagnostic Examination will sharpen your ability to effectively manage every step of the diagnostic examination process. Features: Icons that lead you quickly and easily to key signs, problems, findings, and syndromes Easy-to-follow, consistent template for all chapters, covering physiology and mechanics, functional anatomy, taking patient history, key symptoms and signs, suspicions, diagnostic tools, and important clinical alerts Useful for diagnosing children of all ages Coverage of all regions and systems Numerous diagrams, tables, and clinical photographs--all in full-color Written by practicing pediatricians experienced enough to know the complications and pitfalls you will encounter in daily practice

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Foreword Preface 1.Taking a History in Infants, Children, and Adolescents, Arthur N. Feinberg, Melissa A. Davidson, and Artemis K. Tsitsika 2.Performing a Physical Examination in Infants, Children, and Adolescents, Arthur N. Feinberg and Thomas Melgar 3.Vital Signs, Vinay N. Reddy 4.Development of A Differential Diagnosis from the History and Physical Examination, Arthur N. Feinberg and Vinay N. Reddy 5.The Term Newborn, Arthur N. Feinberg 6.The Pediatric Dysmorphology Diagnostic Examination, Bryan D. Hall and Helga V. Toriello 7.The Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat, Neck, and Oral Examination, Elyssa R. Peters, Monte Del Monte, Jonathan Gold, Ashir Kumar, and Joseph A. D'Ambrosio 8.The Respiratory System, Douglas N. Homnick 9.The Cardiovascular System, Eugene F. Luckstead, 10.The Gastrointestinal Tract, Liver, Gall Bladder, and Pancreas, Arthur N. Feinberg and Lisa A. Feinberg 11.The Musculoskeletal System, Dilip R. Patel 12.The Neurology System, Arthur N. Feinberg 13.The Endocrine System, Martin B. Draznin and Manmohan K. Kamboj 14.The Renal System, Alfonso D. Torres and Donald E. Greydanus 15.The Hematology-Oncology System, Elna N. Saah, Renuka Gera, Ajovi b. Scott-Emuakpor, and Roshni Kulkarni 16.The Integument System--Skin, Hair, Nails, Arthur N. Feinberg 17.The Psychodiagnostic Examination, Joseph L. Calles Jr. 18.Principles of Developmental Diagnosis, Dilip R. Patel 19.The Male Genitourinary System, Julian H. Wan 20.The Gynecology System and the Child, Jennifer Johnson 21.The Gynecology System and the Adolescent, Donald E. Greydanus, Artemus K. Tsitsika, and Michele J. Gains 22.Laboratory Testing Overview, Vinay N. Reddy Appendix Index

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