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Primer of Dermatopathology

Primer of Dermatopathology
titolo Primer of Dermatopathology
autori , , , ,
argomenti Medicina Anatomia patologica Dermatopatologia
Medicina Anatomia patologica
editore Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
formato Libro
pagine 559
pubblicazione 2002
ISBN 9780781732369
122,24 116,13 (-5%)
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Featuring nearly 400 clear, sharp photomicrographs, the Third Edition of this primer is a user-friendly guide to interpreting skin biopsies. Abnormalities are grouped according to location in the skin and morphologic characteristics. Each abnormality is discussed in an easy-to-follow three-column format. The first column lists the disease entities. The second column lists histologic criteria for diagnosis, with key features in boldface. The third column presents the differential diagnosis, helpful hints, and clinical information. Adjacent to the text are representative photomicrographs, accompanied where necessary by drawings to clarify cellular structures. New to this edition is a bound-in CD-ROM that contains over 2,000 full-color photomicrographs with more than 300 multiple-choice questions and answers for review and self-assessment.

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I. Introduction 1. Normal Histology of the Skin 2. Glossary 3. Histochemistry II. Epidermis 4. Hyperkeratosis with or without Alteration of the Granular Layer 5. Psoriasiform Hyperplasia 6. Vesicles, Pustules, and Bullae 7. Neoplastic Patterns of the Epidermis 8. Atrophic Processes of the Epidermis 9. Disorders of the Melanocyte III. Basement Membrane Zone, Papillary Dermis, and Superficial Vascular Plexus 10. Vacuolization of the Basement Membrane Zone 11. Subepidermal Clefting, Blister, or Pustule Formation 12. Bandlike Infiltrate at the Dermoepidermal Junction 13. Predominantly Perivascular Infiltrate of the Upper Dermis 14. Deposition in and Alteration of the Papillary Dermis 15. Hyperplasia of the Papillary Dermis IV. Reticular Dermis 16. Predominantly Perivascular Infiltrate of the Reticular Dermis 17. Granulomas and Granulomatous Inflammation 18. Diffuse Infiltrate 19. Nodular Infiltrate 20. Disorders of Collagen and Elastic Tissue 21. Diseases Recognized Histologically by Deposition of Material in the Dermis 22. Hyperplasia and Neoplasms 23. Cysts in the Dermis V. Appendages 24. Disorders of the Pilosebaceous Unit 25. Disorders of the Sweat Gland VI. Panniculus 26. Diseases of the Subcuti

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