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Multidisciplinary Management of Female Pelvic Floor Disorders

Multidisciplinary Management of Female Pelvic Floor Disorders
titolo Multidisciplinary Management of Female Pelvic Floor Disorders
autori , , , ,
argomento Medicina Ginecologia Anatomia patologica ginecologica
editore Churchill Livingstone
formato Libro
pagine 384
pubblicazione 2006
ISBN 9780443072727
153,00 145,35 (-5%)
"Multidisciplinary Management of Female Pelvic Floor Disorders" is one of the only books available today which comprehensively covers female urology from an international and trans-specialty viewpoint. Written by a board of authoritative and high-profile experts, the book covers all aspects from urinary incontinence and overactive bladder, to fistulae and reconstructive surgery. Starting with a thorough introduction to anatomy, pathophysiology and investigations, this definitive work then moves on to cover the key disorders encountered in female urology. Throughout the book, medical and surgical treatment options are highlighted in special boxes, and each chapter is introduced with a clear "key points" box. The book is illustrated with a full-colour, state-of-the-art illustration program, which greatly helps elucidate understanding of difficult concepts. The text is kept concise and clinically-orientated. "Multidisciplinary Management of Female Pelvic Floor Disorders" is an invaluable reference for urologists, urogynecologists and primary care physicians who treat women. It is a must-have text for all practising physicians in this field.

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Foreword: Richard Turner-Warwick Introduction - with emphasis on bladder (DI, sensory disorders, stress incontinence), vagina (prolapse), sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain, pan-pelvic floor pathology, the multidisciplinary team approach to female urology. Section One: Background 1. Anatomy 2. Pathophysiology 3. Investigations (urodynamics, urological assessment) Section Two: Bladder Overactivity 4. DI vs OAB 5. Abnormalities of bladder sensation 6. Interstitial cystitis 7. Medical aspects of treatment (pharmacology etc) 8. Surgery Section Three: Stress Incontinence/Prolapse 9. Physiotherapy 10. Electrical stimulation and biofeedback 11. Drug treatment 12. Surgery (vaginal and suprapublic) 13. Resuspension, slings, injectable treatment and sphincters Section Four: Gynecologic Aspects 14. Vaginal disorders 15. Pelvic pain 16. Sexual dysfunction Section Five: Reconstructive Surgery of the Female Urinary Tract 17. Bladder replacement (covering benign disease, malignancy) 18. Reconstruction: fistulae (ureter, bladder and urethra) Section Six: Miscellaneous and general urology aspects peculiar to the female Appendix: ICS guidelines Index

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