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Tumor Neurosurgery

Tumor Neurosurgery
titolo Tumor Neurosurgery
sottotitolo Principles and Practice
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Oncologia Neuroncologia
Medicina Chirurgia Chirurgia oncologica
editore Springer London Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 364
pubblicazione 2006
ISBN 9781846282911
90,00 85,50 (-5%)
Tumor Neurosurgery provides information on the basic knowledge and clinical management required for optimal care of neurooncology patients. Providing an up-to-date synopsis of the field of tumor neurosurgery, the book covers the most common sites and tumor pathologies encountered by neurosurgeons. The chapters are organized under broad topics, including investigative studies, perioperative care and the role of newer techniques. The clinical management of CNS tumors in adults and children is described, including spinal tumors, both intradural and extradural. This book provides coverage of relevant topics in the field of tumor neurosurgery, for residents and registrars in training, and for recent graduates of training programs.

Indice testuale

Investigations.- Neurophysiology.- Neuroradiology and Ultrasound.- Neuropathology.- Perioperative Care.- Neuroanesthesia.- Neurosurgical Intensive Care.- Techniques.- Neuroendoscopy.- Principles and Practice of Image-guided Neurosurgery.- Stereotactic Radiosurgery.- Tumors.- Low-grade Gliomasin Adults.- Neurosurgical Management of High-grade Gliomas.- Sellar and Parasellar Tumors.- Meningiomas.- Intraventricular and Pineal Region Tumors.- Cerebello-pontine Angle Tumors.- Skull Base Tumors.- Tumors: Cerebral Metastases and Lymphoma.- Pediatric Neuro-oncology.- Management of Spinal Tumors.- Management of Extradural Spinal Tumors.

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