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Occupational Therapy and Older People

Occupational Therapy and Older People
titolo Occupational Therapy and Older People
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Geriatria e gerontologia Terapia geriatrica
Medicina Terapia occupazionale
editore Blackwell Publishers
formato Libro
pagine 248
pubblicazione 2005
ISBN 9781405114097
44,00 41,80 (-5%)
This timely book locates older people as major clients of occupational therapy services. It provides a comprehensive resource for students and a basic working reference for clinicians. The book encompasses current theories, debates and challenges which occupational therapists need to engage in if they are to provide pro-active and promotional approaches to ageing. Detailed coverage of bodily structures, functions and pathologies leads onto chapters dedicated to activity, occupation and participation.The ethos of the book is to inspire innovation in the practice of occupational therapy with older people, promoting successful ageing that entails control and empowerment. It contains many practical elements, including case studies, and narratives from practice. It promotes active ageing. It adopts the framework of the World Health Organisation's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (2001). It includes specialist contributions which reveal the diversity of occupational performance considerations in older age.

Indice testuale

Acknowledgements. List of Contributors. How to Use this Book. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Older People and Occupational Justice. Chapter 3. The Social Context of Older People. Chapter 4. Systems, Services and Policies. Chapter 5. Pathologies of Old Age. Chapter 6. Body Structures and Body Functions: Part 1. Chapter 7. Body Structures and Body Functions: Part 2. Chapter 8. Activity and Participation: Part 1. Chapter 9. Activity and Participation: Part 2. Chapter 10. Environmental Impacts, Products and Technology. Useful Resources. Index.

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