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Thoracic Anesthesia

Thoracic Anesthesia
titolo Thoracic Anesthesia
autori , ,
argomento Medicina Anestesia e rianimazione Anestesia toracica
editore McGraw-Hill Medical
formato Libro
pagine 510
pubblicazione 2012
ISBN 9780071625661
62,00 58,90 (-5%)
What every resident and practicing anesthesiologist needs to know about thoracic anesthesia - in one concise handbook "Thoracic Anesthesia" is the definitive introduction for anesthesiologists in training and the must-have reference for anesthesiologists who do not practice thoracic anesthesia exclusively. Here, you'll find a current, detailed review of the basic, need-to-know concepts of thoracic anesthesia, along with clear, practical suggestions for handling commonly encountered scenarios. Written by top specialists in the field, the book is filled with high-yield insights into such pivotal topics as respiratory physiology, pulmonary pharmacology, imaging, one-lung ventilation, and postoperative care. This is the ultimate thoracic anesthesia primer, designed for residents and experienced anesthesiologists/nurse anesthetists who must meet the growing demand for skilled practitioners in the thoracic operating room. It is comprehensive, yet concise presentation and compact format make the text a perfect at-a-glance reference in the OR. Acknowledged experts in each topic area review key concepts that clarify a given condition - and summarize the best management strategies for delivering safe and effective perioperative care to thoracic surgical patients. It focuses on the major principles of thoracic anesthesia covers chest physiology, mechanisms of pain, biology of chest malignancies, and lung separation techniques. It features chapter on practice improvement and patient safety highlights the delivery of modern, high-quality perioperative thoracic care through a multi-disciplinary, team approach. Top-to-bottom coverage of the latest thoracic anesthesia techniques and procedures: Preoperative risk stratification, Closed thorax procedures, Lung resections for cancer and benign chest tumors, Extrapleural pneumonectomy, Pericardial window procedures, Esophageal cancer operations, Bronchopleural fistula, Lung transplantation, Thoracic trauma management. It features special chapter on anesthesia for pediatric thoracic surgery presents the most current clinical perspectives that help you achieve positive outcomes even in the most challenging pediatric cases. It also features a section on postoperative management of thoracic surgical patients thoroughly reviews routine postoperative care as well as how to handle respiratory, renal, and cardiovascular complications and both acute and chronic post thoracotomy pain.

Indice testuale

PART 1 THE PRINCIPLES OF THORACIC ANESTHESIA Chapter 1 History and Scope of Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery Chapter 2 Practice Improvement and Patient Safety in Thoracic Anesthesia: A Human Factors Perspective Chapter 3 Physiology of One-Lung Ventilation Chapter 4 Perioperative Management of the Patient with Pulmonary Hypertension Chapter 5 Lung Separation Techniques Chapter 6 Mechanisms of Pain in Thoracic Surgery Chapter 7 The Biology of Lung and Esophageal Cancer Chapter 8 Anatomy, Imaging and Practical Management of Selected Thoracic Surgical Procedures PART 2 THORACIC ANESTHESIA PRACTICE Chapter 9 Preoperative Risk Stratification of the Thoracic Surgical Patient Chapter 10 Bronchoscopy, Mediastinoscopy, and Chamberlain Procedure Chapter 11 Therapeutic Bronchoscopy, Airway Stents, and Other Closed Thorax Procedures Chapter 12 Mediastinal Masses: Implications for Anesthesiologists Chapter 13 Lung Resections for Cancer and Benign Chest Tumors Chapter 14 Extrapleural Pneumonectomy Chapter 15 Lung Volume Reduction Surgery Chapter 16 Pericardial Window Procedures Chapter 17 Esophageal Cancer Operations Chapter 18 Bronchopleural Fistula: Anesthetic Management Chapter 19 Anesthesia for Lung Transplantation Chapter 20 Thoracic Trauma Management Chapter 21 Anesthesia for Pediatric Thoracic Surgery PART 3 POSTOPERATIVE MANAGEMENT OF THORACIC SURGICAL PATIENTS Chapter 22 Routine Postoperative Care of the Thoracic Surgical Patient Chapter 23 Respiratory, Renal, and Cardiovascular Postoperative Complications Chapter 24 Acute and Chronic Post-Thoracotomy Pain Index

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