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The Syringe Driver

The Syringe Driver
titolo The Syringe Driver
sottotitolo Continuous Subcutaneous Infusions in Palliative Care
autori ,
argomento Medicina Cure palliative
editore Oxford University Press
formato Libro
pagine 496
pubblicazione 2011
ISBN 9780199569724
38,00 32,30
Risparmi: € 5,70
The syringe driver is a simple and cost-effective method of delivering a continuous subcutaneous infusion (CSCI). A CSCI provides a safe and effective way of drug administration and can be used to maintain symptom control in patients who are no longer able to take oral medication. There have been several developments in this field since the second edition of this highly successful book. The text in this edition has been completely revised, incorporating new treatment options and an extensive list of new compatibility data. This book serves as a valuable reference source, providing comprehensive review of syringe driver use and administration of drugs via CSCI. The first chapter provides an overview of syringe drivers and CSCIs, including a useful array of frequently asked questions. The second chapter provides revised and referenced information relating to most drugs likely to be administered via a CSCI using a syringe driver. The third chapter discusses the control of specific symptoms that are often encountered when CSCIs are required. The fourth and final chapter contains an extensive, referenced list of physical and chemical stability data relating to drug combinations administered via CSCI.

Indice testuale

List of Abbreviations ; 1. Continuous subcutaneous infusions and syringe drivers ; 2. Drug information ; 3. Symptom control with the syringe driver ; 4. Compatibility tables

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