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Quality Management in Intensive Care

Quality Management in Intensive Care
titolo Quality Management in Intensive Care
sottotitolo A Practical Guide
autori , ,
argomento Medicina Anestesia e rianimazione Rianimazione
editore Cambridge University Press
formato Libro
pagine 265
pubblicazione 2016
ISBN 9781107503861
65,00 55,25
Risparmi: € 9,75
This book is one of the first to comprehensively summarise the latest thinking and research in the rapidly evolving field of quality management in intensive care. Quality indicators and outcome measures are discussed with a practical focus on patient-centred, evidence-based implementation for safer and more effective clinical practice. Chapters on topics such as teambuilding, patient satisfaction, mortality and morbidity, and electronic management systems are organised into three sections, covering quality management at the scale of the individual patient, the intensive care unit, and the national and international level. Written by a team of over forty international experts in the specialty, with editors who have been heavily involved for many years with the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, the book reflects commonly accepted goals and guidelines for best practice, and will be valuable for practitioners worldwide. The ideal one-stop resource for intensive care physicians as well as ICU and hospital managers.

Indice testuale

Introduction; Part I. Quality Management of Patient Care: 1. Use of checklists Mark Romig, Asad Latif and Peter J. Pronovost; 2. Daily goal discussions Hans U. Rothen and Matthias Haenggi; 3. Common ICU procedures - central venous catheters insertion and management Davide Bastoni, Maurizio Cecconi and Andrew Rhodes; 4. Use of guidelines and bundles Oliver Kumpf, Felix Balzer and Claudia Spies; 5. Nosocomial/healthcare-associated infections Caroline Landelle and Didier Pittet; 6. Optimal handover of ICU patients Marieke Zegers, Nelleke van Sluisveld and Hub Wollersheim; 7. Diagnostic pathways Hans Flaatten; 8. Transport of ICU patients Carole Schwebel, Claire Fossard and Clemence Minet; 9. Mortality and morbidity conferences Iris Pelieu and Christophe Faisy; 10. Intensive care unit triage Charles Gomersall; 11. End-of-life care Wai-Tat Wong and Gavin M. Joynt; Part II. Quality Management of the ICU: 12. Tools to improve patient safety and adverse events Andreas Valentin; 13. Clinical data management Olaf L. Cremer and Casper W. Bollen; 14. Electronic ICU management systems Brian W. Pickering; 15. ICU staff: needs and utilization Gaetano Iapichino and Dinis dos Reis Miranda; 16. Severity scoring, improved care? Rui P. Moreno and Joana Manuel; 17. Implementation of evidence-based practice Jeffrey M. Singh and Damon C. Scales; 18. Addressing barriers for change in clinical practice Paul R. Barach; 19. Teambuilding Tanja Manser; 20. Conflict management in the intensive care unit Katerina Rusinova and Elie Azoulay; 21. From polio to hospital-wide care - the evolution of intensive care Ken Hillman, Michael Parr and Anders Aneman; 22. Patient and family satisfaction Ruth Endacott; 23. Follow-up after intensive care Folke Sjoberg and Lotti Orvelius; 24. In situ small-scale simulation Pascale Gruber and Rebecca-Lea Smith; Part III. Quality Management on the National (and International) Level: 25. National ICU registries Sten M. Walther and Goran Karlstrom; 26. Quality indicators Peter van der Voort; 27. Benchmarking: from comparison to performance Bertrand Guidet and Yen-Lan Nguyen; 28. Volume and outcome Yen-Lan Nguyen and Bertrand Guidet; 29. Competence based training and education Francesca Rubulotta and Adrian Wong; 30. Applications of telemedicine in the intensive care unit Rob Boots, Neil Widdicombe and Jeffrey Lipman; Epilogue; Index.

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