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Year in Osteoporosis

Year in Osteoporosis
titolo Year in Osteoporosis
autori , ,
argomenti Medicina Dermatologia Atlanti
Medicina Dermatologia
editore Clinical Publishing,an imprint of Atlas Medical Publishing Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 357
pubblicazione 2004
ISBN 9781904392279
127,00 120,65 (-5%)
Drawing on the expertise of a distinguished international team, this book contains 200 recent papers in the peer-reviewed literature that will affect the practice of physicians managing osteoporotic patients. Each paper is summarized, reviewed, and placed in clinical context. Coverage includes the underlying causes of osteoporosis and the latest differing views on prevention and non-pharmacological strategies. The book also reviews new drugs and the possibilities of further pharmaceutical advances. It provides a comprehensive overview of the latest clinical research, carefully assessed and put into clinical context.

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Epidemiology - The Impact of the Condition. Risk Factors for Osteoporosis and Fracture. Secondary Causes of Osteoporosis. Male Osteoporosis. Steroid Induced Osteoporosis. Fracture Management in Osteoporosis Including Vertebroplasty. Falls: Causes, Prevention and Reducing their Impact. Lifestyle and Prevention of Osteoporosis. Management of Osteoporosis: i) HRT, ii) SERMS. Management of Osteoporosis: Bisphosonates. Management of Osteoporosis: I) PTH, ii) Other. Emerging Therapies for Ostoeporosis. Bone Measurement - X-Ray Absorptiometry Methods. Bone Measurement - Ultrasound. Bone Markers. Pathophysiology of Osteoporosis. The Genetics of Osteoporosis. How to Identify those who will Benefit from Pharmacological Treatment. How to Monitor Pharmacological Treatment. How to Prevent Fractures in the Very Elderly. Diet and Osteoporosis.

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