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Atlas of Hair and Scalp Diseases

J Powell, N. Stone

editore: Informa Healthcare

pagine: 94

Although hair is not essential for health and survival in humans as it is in other mammals, changes in hair growth density, pattern or alterations in its color and texture can often lead to distress. In addition, these types of changes can indicate underlying systemic disease, including endocrine, genetic, metabolic, or nutritional and psychiatric disorders. An Atlas of Hair and Scalp Diseases explores the enormous range of changes in hair and its growth.The atlas contains over 200 carefully selected color illustrations accompanied by concise clinical information on diagnosis, practical management, and recent advances in our knowledge and understanding of each disorder. In nine chapters, it provides a comprehensive view of the basic physiology of hair growth, congenital and hair shaft abnormalities, including cosmetic damage to hair, loss and overgrowth of hair, and abnormalities of the scalp, including inflammatory, infective and malignant skin disease.While not life-threatening, hair and scalp disease are widespread and cause much distress. Physicians regularly see patients suffering from these problems. A one-of-a-kind book, An Atlas of Hair and Scalp Diseases provides access to a comprehensive collection of physical signs and concise guidance to their significance that will aid in quick and correct diagnoses and improved management and care for patients.
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Le mani nei capelli

Antonella Tosti

editore: Cortina Raffaello

pagine: 60

6,20 5,89

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Fabrizio Fantini

editore: Tecniche Nuove

pagine: 219

Questo libro, frutto di un'accurata ricerca svolta sulla base degli studi scientifici più recenti nel campo della calvizie com

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