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Tecnica farmaceutica

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Buone pratiche di fabbricazione. Linee guida AFI 2004

a cura di Afi

editore: Tecniche Nuove

pagine: 317

L'Associazione Farmaceutici Industria nei suoi 44 anni di vita associativa ha sempre rivolto una particolare attenzione all'in
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Trissel's Stability of Compounded Formulations

Lawrence A. Trissel

editore: American Pharmaceutical Association

pagine: 654

"Trissel's Stability of Compounded Formulations" is the only book in print that provides a single compilation of all currently available stability information on drugs in compounded oral, enteral, topical, ophthalmic, and other specialized preparations. Based on data published over the past 50 years, the reference summarizes specific formulations and stability studies. The book will help readers to: determine whether formulated compounds will be stable for the anticipated duration of use, properly store and repackage compounded formulations, formulate in accordance with documented standards, and counsel patients on the use and storage of compounded medications. It includes completely updated monographs on 433 products - an increase of 78 over the third edition - arranged alphabetically by non-proprietary name. Each monograph is organized into 3 easy-to-use categories: Properties, General Stability Considerations, and Stability Reports of Compounded Preparations. It covers Fourth and fifth categories, Compatibility with Other Drug Products and Compatibility with Common Beverages and Foods, are included where information is available. It contains: 1,233 references - 326 new to the fourth edition - from the worldwide literature spanning the past 50 years; two appendices, Beyond-Use Dating for Compounded Non-sterile Preparations and Beyond-Use Dating for Compounded Sterile Preparations, provide a summary of USP benchmarks for assigning beyond-use periods in the absence of relevant research; and, an index of non-proprietary and brand names.

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