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Esthetic Color Training in Dentistry

John M. Powers, Rade Paravina

editore: Mosby

pagine: 272

No product on the market specifically offers the training capabilities of this book/CD-ROM. It is easy to use, affordable, and interactive. "Color Training in Dentistry" offers a structured approach for dental students, lab technicians, and dentists to learn how to master the art of color selection to achieve the best esthetic results in dental procedures. The CD-ROM is interactive and requires the arrangement of color squares that differ according to lightness, saturation, and dye changes, as well as total color difference. The various color squares are arranged by using the drag and drop method. Exercises are arranged progressively from the simplest to the most difficult. Instant feedback is provided.
70,00 66,50

Fundamentals of Colour

Shade Matching and Communication in Clinical Dentistry

Adam Mieleszko, Allessandro Devigus
e altri

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Inc.,U.S.

pagine: 168

70,00 66,50
428,00 406,60
230,00 218,50
210,00 199,50
80,00 76,00

Estetica in odontoiatria

Principi Comunicazioni Metodi di trattamento

Goldstein, R. E.

editore: UTET

pagine: 460


Reconstructive Aesthetic Implant Surgery

Abd El Salam El Askary

editore: Iowa State University Press

pagine: 156

The field of implant dentistry has significantly grown in recent years, yet balancing natural-looking aesthetics with long-term function still remains a clinical challenge. This unique reference text provides experienced dental practitioners and students with a step-by-step clinical guide for achieving optimal aesthetic results with dental implants. The book's "hands-on" approach to dental implant aesthetics guides readers through the labyrinth of clinical decision-making and presents a solid foundation of scientific research, complete clinical cases, and documented techniques that simplify procedures and solve many of the aesthetic problems encountered in daily practice. A respected clinician, international speaker, researcher and practitioner in the field of dental implant aesthetics, Dr. El Askary highlights strategies and techniques to address many of the clinical pitfalls and complications associated with aesthetic dental implant restorations. Contents include an introduction to the field of aesthetic implant dentistry, presurgical considerations, aesthetic implant placement, soft tissue management and aesthetic bone grafting. "Reconstructive Aesthetic Implant Surgery" contains current topics in aesthetic implantology, hundreds of full-color photographs and illustrations, case reports that apply the latest advancements in clinical techniques, and comprehensive references to related research. Specifically designed to improve surgical, prosthetic, and case design skills, "Reconstructive Aesthetic Implant Surgery" is a valuable learning tool for practitioners and students in periodontics, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and general dentistry.
139,00 132,05

The Science and Art of Porcelain Laminate Veneers

Galip Gürel

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 528

This text details the expanding field of porcelain laminate veneers in aesthetic dentistry. It guides the aesthetic dentist in understanding the needs of the patient and formulating a treatment plan that includes not only aesthetic considerations, such as colour and smile design, but also occlusal, periodontal and functional requirements. In addition, it discusses the use of porcelain laminate veneers in diastema closure, the treatment of tetracycline discolouration and in conjunction wih orthodontic therapy. New techniques to ensure minimally invasive tooth preparation and maximum space creation for the dental technician are explored, and impression materials for porcelain laminate veneers are compared. The detailed guides to alternative porcelain materials and their step-by-step applications should make this book useful to general practitioners, dental technicians and the entire aesthetic team.
210,00 199,50

Restauri adesivi in ceramica dei denti anteriori

Un approccio biomimetico

Pascal Magne, Belser Urs

editore: Quintessenza Edizioni S.r.L.

pagine: 406

198,00 188,10
190,00 180,50
248,00 235,60

Advances in Esthetic Implant Dentistry

Abd El Salam El Askary

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 584

A comprehensive and highly illustrated reference on current topics in esthetic dental implant therapy Advances in Esthetic Implant Dentistry provides a current, comprehensive overview of aesthetic implant therapy. Offering innovative step-by-step protocols for surgical techniques and case studies, the book presents practical, clinically oriented guidance firmly anchored in solid scientific research. A companion website provides videos of clinical procedures and follow-up case studies. The book emphasizes the physiology of labial plate of bone and its influence to the overall fate of implant placement in fresh extraction sites, including several cutting-edge techniques to restore and treat deficient labial plate of bone. A novel chapter offers a solid protocol to diagnose, categorize, and treat implant-related gingival recession predictably. Highlights novel esthetic protocols in dental implantology, applying the latest advances in clinical techniques to real-world dentistry Follows up on treatment outcomes, presenting results up to seven years later Provides reliable, evidence-based bone regenerative methods Illustrates procedures step by step, with more than 2500 clinical photographs Features a companion website with videos of clinical procedures and follow-up case studies Advances in Esthetic Implant Dentistry is an indispensable clinical companion for practitioners and students of periodontics, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and general dentistry, bringing the reader new horizons in esthetic dentistry.

Odontoiatria estetica

Josef Schmidseder

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 1278


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