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Ecografia ostetrico ginecologica

Ultrasound and Endoscopic Surgery in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

A Combined Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

Dick Timmerman, J. A. Deprest
e altri

editore: Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K

pagine: 368

"Ultrasound and Endoscopic Surgery in Obstetrics and Gynaecology" focuses and highlights the pivotal role these two techniques play in modern obstetrics and gynaecology. Taking a problem-orientated approach, the book includes sections on menorrhagia, postmenopausal bleeding, endometrial malignancy, urogynaecology, ovarian masses, endometriosis, early pregnancy complications and infertility. A multi-contributed book with short, practical chapters, the book is well illustrated with more than 60 colour illustrations. "Ultrasound and Endoscopic Surgery in Obstetrics and Gynaecology" uniquely combines these two fields to demonstrate management of common gynaecological conditions based on accurate ultrasound diagnosis and minimal access treatment. An authoritative practical 'how-to' guide, this book will be invaluable for practitioners to learn and perfect both techniques and use them to their maximum potential.
204,00 193,80

Differential Diagnosis in Obstetric and Gynecologic Ultrasound

A. N. Khan, R. A. L. Bisset

editore: Baillière Tindall

pagine: 484

This comprehensive yet concise pocket reference offers a systematic approach to the analysis and interpretation of obstetric and gynecologic ultrasound images. For ease of use, it is divided into 2 distinct sections: Part I addresses the diagnostic information that ultrasound reveals about early pregnancy, fetal well-being and growth, and structural fetal anomalies. Part II helps the practitioner sonographically evaluate pediatric and adolescent patients, as well as fertile and postmenopausal women.
67,00 63,65

Perinatal Imaging

From Ultrasound to MR Imaging

Fred E. Avni

editore: Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K

pagine: 315

This book is a comprehensive, superbly illustrated guide to perinatal imaging. It is also one of the first books to provide a systematic comparison of the prenatal findings and the postnatal evolution of disease. The growing contribution of fetal MR imaging is considered in depth. All of the organ systems are discussed and illustrated by experts from teams working at centers in Europe, in the United States, and Canada. In each case the images have been acquired using state-of-the-art equipment. This book will be of great value to pediatric radiologists, obstetricians, pediatric surgeons, and neonatologists.
147,58 140,20

Trattato di ecografia in ostetricia e ginecologia

a cura di D. Arduini

editore: Poletto

pagine: 808

L'espansione e il miglioramento delle tecnologie hanno permesso di studiare al meglio gli organi oggetto dell'esame ecografico
150,00 142,50

Ultrasonografia del cervello prenatale e neonatale

Ilan E. Timor Tritsch, Ana Monteagudo
e altri

editore: CIC Edizioni Internazionali

pagine: 560

100,00 95,00

The Practice of Mammography

Pathology, Technique, Interpretation, Adjunct Modalities

D. J. Dronkers, J. H. C. L. Hendriks
e altri

editore: Thieme Publishing Group

pagine: 274

Taking anatomy and pathology as its starting points, this book presenst radiographic diagnosis of the breast as plainly and clearly as possible, the accent lying rather on instruction than on the comprehensiveness of a reference work. Taking histopathology as its starting point, this book explains the mammographic signs in order to strengthen the statement made by the mammography, particularly in the diagnosis of carcinoma, which is the central concern of this book. Further-reaching techniques such as transcutaneous puncture methods, ultrasound and MRI are incorporated into the examination sequence. A separate chapter is devoted to mammographic screening for breast cancer; for even today only quality-assured mammographic screening can reduce fatalities due to breast cancer.
131,00 124,45

Textbook of Mammography

Audrey K. Tucker, Yin Y. Ng

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 356

X-Ray mammography is the most valuable imaging technique used in the detection and evaluation of breast disease. This book is intended to provide radiologists in-training and in practice with a practical guide to the acquisition, identification and interpretation of mammograms as well as adjunctive modalities such as ultrasound, FNA cytology, MRI and digital imaging. 400 high-quality images provide the reader with a comprehensive guide to the radiologic indications of benign and malignant breast disease. The book also provides an overview of the crucial prerequisites for a successful breast cancer detection program by integrating the imaging modalities with technical and quality control issues, epidemiologic data, and risk/benefit analysis.
171,90 163,31

Obstetric and Gynecologic Ultrasound

Case Review

Alfred B. Kurtz, Pamela T. Johnson

editore: Mosby

pagine: 220

Part of the popular "Case Review Series", "Obstetric and Gynecologic Ultrasound: Case Review" focuses on obstetric and gynecologic ultrasound, complete with full discussion and images. Designed as a study guide for Radiology and OB/GYN residents preparing for board exams and clinical practice, it presents 125 unknown cases with more than 295 images with questions, answers, commentary, references and cross references to "Ultrasound: The Requisites" by Kurtz & Middleton. Case discussion incorporates the most recent OB/GYN ultrasound literature from "Radiology", "AJR", "American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology", and "Journal of Ultrasound Medicine", providing an excellent review for practitioners.
54,00 51,30

Transvaginal Sonography of the Normal and Abnormal Fetus

E. Z. Zimmer, Moshe Bronshtein

editore: Informa Healthcare

pagine: 280

Covering the latest in transvaginal sonographic techniques for diagnosing fetal abnormalities, this authoritative clinical reference includes rare photographs of important pathologies diagnosed by transvaginal sonography. Its opening sections cover transvaginal scanning in pregnancy and Doppler studies during gestation. Other key chapters cover the fetal central nervous system, the fetal face, the fetal thorax, the cardiovascular system, the abdomen and abdominal wall, the umbilical cord, the fetal urinary tract, and fetal genitalia. Additional chapters cover chromosomal anomalies, the skeleton, and the cervix, placenta, and membranes. The concluding section provides charts of fetal growth.
152,80 145,16

Ultrasonography of the Prenatal Brain

Ana Monteagudo, Gianluigi Pilu
e altri

editore: McGraw-Hill Medical

pagine: 600

The most trusted, all-in-one guide to fetal brain imaging--now in full color Edited and written by recognized experts, this acclaimed reference is a highly clinical text and visual atlas. It facilitates a thorough comprehension of the normal and abnormal fetal central nervous system--and helps you apply one of the most important advances in modern perinatology: the early detection of central nervous system anomalies. Here, you will find the full spectrum of prenatal sonography tools and insights, from using ultrasound and MRI to diagnose the fetal face, eye, and brain, to the neurobehavioral development of the fetal brain. Featuring a new full-color presentation and an enhanced, reader-friendly design, the third edition of this unmatched guide is completely refreshed to mirror the significant advances made in imaging resolution and three-dimensional Doppler technology. In addition, the book reflects the growing interest in imaging the fetal nervous system as it pertains to the fetal brain. FEATURES New full-color design and additional figures, tables, and graphs New chapter on ventriculomegaly examines the most common presenting sonographic sign of brain pathology New chapters on the evaluation of the fetal cortex and posterior fossa shed light on diagnostically problematic areas of the fetal brain New chapters highlighting intrauterine insults, intrauterine infections, and metabolic disorders demonstrate the progress being made in areas that have become critical to fetal neuroscans Greater emphasis on the use of high frequency and deep penetrating ultrasound transducer probes clearly explain how they can yield high-resolution pictures of the fetal brain and spine Latest perspectives on dissemination of 3D ultrasound techniques and magnetic resource imaging are interwoven into individual chapters to encourage their adoption in daily clinical practice More detailed examination of imaging the fetal brain is based on leading-edge, peer-reviewed research from around the world SI units are included throughout Numerous new 2D and 3D ultrasound images and updated literature references contribute to the most current overview available of this dynamic specialty
298,69 283,76
120,00 114,00

Ecografia transvaginale

Giovanni Nazzaro, Giuseppe De Placido
e altri

editore: E.L.I. Medica

pagine: 272


Diagnostic Imaging of Fetal Anomalies

David A. Nyberg, Dolores H. Pretorius
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 896

Written by the world's preeminent authorities on diagnostic ultrasound, this reference guides readers through the use of ultrasound to detect and identify birth defects - including heart malformations, kidney obstructions, intestinal blockages, lung abnormalities, and more. The book offers up-to-date advice on what to look for, given a certain risk or clinical history, and how to perform and interpret the ultrasound examination. More than 1,600 images - including full-color throughout - provide a true-to-life view of ultrasound findings. Each anomaly is discussed in an easy-to-follow format that covers characteristic features such as: pathogenesis and etiology; differential diagnosis; prognosis; and management. The book includes brief tables of teratogens and information on genetic markers.

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