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EndoProsthodontics . A Guide for Practicing Dentists

Maciej Zarow

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 309

101,00 95,95

Introduction to Metal-Ceramic Technology

Patrick W. Naylor

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 232

108,00 102,60

Clear Aligner Techniques

Sandra Tai

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 309

185,00 175,75

Digital Dentistry

A Comprehensive Reference and Preview of the Future

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 400

Digital technologies have broadened and enriched the horizon, impact, and delivery of dentistry for decades, and will continue to do so. Since an in-depth understanding of innovations and new approaches can be somewhat confusing, this comprehensive reference book aims to describe and demystify the underlying principles of digital technologies. It also examines similarities and differences between available and emerging systems, and demonstrates the value and use of digital approaches in clinical cases.
190,00 180,50

Anesthesia Considerations for the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Matthew Mizukawa

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 221

168,00 159,60

Modern Esthetic Dentistry

Vincenzo Musella

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 453

178,00 169,10
87,00 82,65


An Integrated Biology and Clinical View

Domenico Riccuci, Jose Siqueira

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 440

Endodontology: An integrated biological and clinical view is a very unique collection of histological images combined with supporting text. Essentially, this is a work that is at the same time an atlas and a textbook about clinical endodontics, based on strong biological grounds that eliminate the gap between clinical practice and biological issues. It bridges the basic knowledge, which common endodontic textbooks provide, to an in-depth understanding of endodontic biology. In this book, that biology is shown so that the reader can visualise what happened, understand what is happening, and predict what will happen with the patient. Chapters are also included that not only show and describe several aspects of the dental and periodontal tissues in both normality and disease, but also reveal the tissue responses to treatment procedures. In this book, Dr Ricucci has added Professor Jose Siqueira from Brazil as a coauthor and thereby expanded the core content and the overall quality. This is especially noted in the microbiological content of the atlas. This has added a significant depth of subjects associated with endodontic infections. This book is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students, specialists, professors and researchers in the fields of endodontics, pathology and microbiology. General dentists dealing with "caries" pathology on a daily basis and its pulp and periradicular sequelae will also benefit from the information provided in this book.
220,00 209,00

The Face

Pictorial Atlas of Clinical Anatomy

Karl H. Wesker, Ralf J. Radlanski

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 324

All surgical disciplines that deal with the human face must rely on an exact knowledge of its highly complex topographic-anatomical relationships. This atlas provides a unique contribution to the study of facial anatomy in which readers are allowed to explore deeper into the anatomy as the layers are stripped away, one by one. This book features elaborate composite illustrations created in layers, starting from the skeleton and working out to the surface of the skin. CT scans are used for the skeletal template, MRI series depict the inner layers of the facial region, angiographs report the anatomy of the blood vessels, and photographs of anatomical specimens as well as a living model fill out the rest. The final products are anatomical images of hyper 3D clarity and arresting beauty. Significant landmarks, anatomical details, and clinically relevant groupings of nerves and blood vessels are the primary focus of each image series to preserve clinical relevance. Accompanying text and figure legends emphasize key points, but the focus is always on the vivid anatomical images.
160,00 152,00

Plastic-esthetic Periodontal and Implant Surgery

Otto Zuhr

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 872

In this book, the authors provide the first comprehensive overview of the basic principles, indications and clinical techniques of plastic-esthetic periodontal and implant microsurgery. It is an exemplary blend of scientific knowledge and practical experience. All salient issues are analyzed on the basis of the available scientific literature and the current clinical evidence. The microsurgical procedures presented in the book are explained step-by-step in meticulously illustrated case examples. Checklists for the necessary materials, instruments and work steps are added to facilitate practical implementation of the microsurgical procedures. Last but not least, the authors provide instructions on how to manage all major complications of each procedure. This book is without doubt one of the foremost oral surgery publications in recent years and is a must for every implantologist and periodontist.
375,00 356,25

Fixed Prosthodontics

Principles and Clinics

Anselm Wiskott

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 768

Written with the dental student in mind, this text book provides a comprehensive approach to fixed prosthodontics. It provides an overview of the clinical concepts of fixed prosthodontics as well as interdisciplinary contexts for the clinical fields of periodontics, orthodontics, operative dentistry, and implantology. By addressing the strategic, operational, and technical levels of prosthetic dentistry, the author outlines the essential clinical steps of restorative dentistry and clarifies the complex concepts that students struggle with in the early phases of professional development.
135,00 128,25

Treatment of Endodontic Infections

Jose Siqueira

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 355

140,00 133,00

Oral and Implant Surgery

Thomas Lambrecht

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 504

This book discusses the various clinical factors affecting outpatient surgery performed by oral and maxillofacial surgeons. The text is based on the scientific literature from the last 10 years, with a focus on traditional oral surgery of the intraoral soft tissues and the hard dental structures. Examples of intraoral procedures are presented step-by-step using high-quality color photographs. The book also features a chapter dedicated to the rationale behind endosseous implant placement as an alternative to tooth-preserving surgery. A central theme throughout the book is safety, from the principles of providing preoperative information to patients and treating at-risk patients to addressing the possible consequences of intraoperative complications. The appendix provides an extensive list of Internet resources to help the reader stay up-to-date on the latest information on this topic. Contributions by A. Dunsche, R. Ewers, A. Filippi, B. Hoffmeister, T. Kreusch, and K. Wangerin
208,00 197,60

Endodontic Microsurgery

Enrique Merino

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 340

213,00 202,35

Maxillary Sinus Surgery and Alternatives in Treatment

Roberto Weinstein, Stephen Wallace
e altri

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 409

The authors bring together the most recent scientific discoveries and the most innovative clinical protocols, together with the possible alternatives to maxillary sinus augmentation techniques
240,00 228,00

Esthetics with Resin Composites

Basics and Techniques

Burkard Hugo

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 272

This book/DVD set, the legacy of a gifted dentist and lecturer, demonstrates the diverse treatment options available and the impressive outcomes that can be achieved with the skillful use of the direct resin composite technique. The book shows how highly esthetic direct resin composite restorations can be created in the anterior dentition using a minimally invasive approach. Step-by-step procedures for completing treatment in a single session are detailed in text and full-color photographs for various clinical situations. In addition, the presentation of complex clinical cases provides the dental practitioner with insights into the potential modern uses of resin composite for the buildup of anterior teeth, the closure of approximal gaps and black triangles, changes in tooth position and shape, and directly constructed, fiber-reinforced fixed dental prostheses. The accompanying DVD contains video footage of clinical procedures described in the book to enhance the reader's ability to achieve similar treatment results.
205,00 194,75

Immediate Function and Esthetic in Implant Dentistry

Ingvar Ericsson, Patrick Palacci
e altri

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 120

94,00 89,30

The SAC Classification in Implant Dentistry

Antony Dawson, Stephen Chen

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 326

Implant dentistry is now an integral part of everyday dental practice; however, most dentists receive their education in implant dentistry after graduation, with little emphasis on the identification of the complexity and risks of treatment. Since 2003 the International Team for Implantology (ITI) has recommended the SAC Classification to categorize implant treatment procedures into three levels of difficulty-straightforward, advanced, and complex. In 2007 the ITI organized a conference to standardize the application of the SAC classification, the conclusions of which are presented in this volume. This invaluable resource will help clinicians identify treatment complexity and risk before treating a patient, thereby improving the predictability and success of their outcomes.
120,00 114,00

Bone Augmentation in Oral Implantology

Fouad Khoury, Hadi Antoun
e altri

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 448

Chapters include: 'Biology and Physiology of the Implant Bone Site', 'Medical Imaging and Bone Grafts', 'Tibial Bone Grafting', 'Pre- and Peri-Implant Guided Bone Regeneration', 'Crestal Sinus Floor Elevation', 'Bone Substitutes' and 'Complications and Risk Factors in Bone Grafting Procedures'.
299,00 284,05

Practical Implant Dentistry

Diagnostic, Surgical, Restorative and Technical Aspects of Aesthetic and Functional Harmony

Ashok Sethi, Thomas Kaus

editore: Quintessence Publishing Co Ltd

pagine: 288

This resource for practitioners describes in detail the clinical procedures required to carry out a broad range of treatments available in implant dentistry. The first six chapters discuss patient assessment and diagnostic procedures. The remaining ten cover techniques ranging in complexity from the management of the failing single tooth to the rep
167,00 158,65

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