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Dal 1946 a fianco di professionisti e studenti Scopri cosa dicono di noi

Churchill Livingstone

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

Foundations in diagnostic pathology

Sidawy, M. K. , Ali, S. Z.

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 352

148,00 140,60
258,00 245,10

Cases in Adult Congenital Heart Disease - Expert Consult: Online and Print


Craig Broberg, Gary D. Webb
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 560

"Cases in Adult Congenital Heart Disease", by Michael Gatzoulis et al, is a new, one-of-a-kind cardiology textbook designed to help you effectively manage these conditions through comprehensive visual guidance. Leading experts present 85 cases - ranging from the simple to the complex, supplemented by abundant videos and images - which enable you to diagnose these conditions from a real-life, clinical perspective. A companion DVD featuring surgical video clips of congential operations of both corrected and uncorrected problems, samples of heart sounds, and much more, helps you to better manage your patients.
153,00 145,35

Emery and Rimoin's Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics

Bruce R. Korf, David L. Rimoin
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 3637

This text comes with continually updated online reference! The most definitive and trusted reference in medical genetics is back - complete with state-of-the-art web site! The fifth edition of this comprehensive yet practical resource emphasizes application as well as the theory of medical genetics across the full spectrum of inherited disorders. Get expert clinical advice and guidance from over 250 of the world's most trusted authorities in medical genetics. The E-dition features the 5th edition of the textbook, additional new images, weekly updates, and more! With the latest information on prenatal diagnosis, genetic screening, genetic counseling, and treatment strategies, "Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics" will be an invaluable clinical tool for the practicing physician.
609,00 578,55

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

An Illustrated Colour Text

Allan Cumming, David Brown
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 94

This is a short, illustrated introductory text on the basics of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), written primarily from the perspective of what medical students need to know and understand about this subject. It will explore what CAM is and why it's popular with patients, what are the principal therapies, their appropriate use for treating common diseases, and how CAM can be integrated into everyday general practice.
35,00 33,25

Churchill's Pocketbook of Anaesthesia

Michael H. Nathanson, Ravi P. Mahajan

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 400

This is a pocketbook of anaesthesia, designed to provide trainees at the beginning of their career in the specialty with an instant, on-the-job reference.
36,00 34,20

Maxillofacial Surgery

Jarg-Erich Hausamen, Peter Ward-Booth
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 1760

The new edition of this award-winning text has been fully updated and now includes more than 2,000 detailed illustrations. This two-volume set defines maxillofacial surgery and covers the whole of the specialty, including craniofacial deformity, oral surgery, trauma, and oncology. A diverse and distinguished group of international specialists provide clear explanations of both common and rare conditions, complete descriptions of surgical techniques, and discussions of management strategies.
419,00 398,05

Special Care in Dentistry

Handbook of Oral Healthcare

Crispian Scully, Navdeep Kumar
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 512

This title provides a comprehensive and concise information source on special care dentistry.
52,00 49,40


Graeme J. Hankey

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 408

This is the second edition of a succinct, evidence-based source of answers to questions commonly asked by general practitioners about stroke (eg. definitions, epidemiology, causes, clinical features, investigations, management, outcome and secondary prevention). It is divided into sixteen chapters, each with a list of relevant key references for further reading. The first two chapters define what is meant by a stroke and the size of a problem for stroke patients, their carers and the community. Chapters 3-15 address, in turn, the five key questions that should be answered in the diagnosis and management of all stroke patients: Is it a stroke? Where is the stroke lesion? (i.e. which part of the brain and what arterial territory is affected?) (chapter 4). What is the cause of the stroke? (i.e. is it an infarct or haemorrhage, and what is the cause of the infarct or haemorrhage?) (chapters 6-8). What is the prognosis for survival and handicap? (chapter 9). What can be done to optimise patient outcome and prevent recurrant stroke? (chapters 10-15). Chapter 16 discusses stroke in special populations (e.g. children, pregnant women). The book concludes with appendices providing information on stroke organisations (including postal and internet addresses) and medical websites.
38,00 36,10

The Foot and Ankle in Rheumatoid Arthritis

A Comprehensive Guide

Anthony Redmond, Deborah E. Turner
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 180

This unique book gives the reader a comprehensive and accessible account of the foot and ankle in rheumatoid arthritis. The authorial team consists of both rheumatologists and podiatrists who are based at the highly respected Foot and Ankle Studies in Rheumatology (FASTER) programme. With a strong emphasis on an evidenced based and practical approach to the subject, and contributions from other experts in the field such as surgeons and radiologists, rheumatologists, podiatrists and other members of the multidisciplinary team will find the well-illustrated text concise, up-to-date and exhaustive in its coverage of all major aspects. The accompanying DVD contains many video clips of examination and injection techniques and gait analyses, additional downloadable images, assessment tools and an interactive injection resource.
58,00 55,10

Clinical Dentistry

Ivor G. Chestnutt, John Gibson

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 612

This is a concise pocket guide to clinical dentistry, which offers the dental student clear guidance on dental condition, practical procedures and patient management.
39,00 37,05

Gray's Dissection Guide for Human Anatomy

David A. Morton, Kerry D. Peterson
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 568

Understanding anatomical structures is one thing. Knowing how to dissect them is another. More effectively than any other resource, this user-friendly manual demonstrates how to successfully dissect the trunk, head and neck, pelvis and perineum, and upper and lower extremities. Extensively class tested and reviewed, it is proven to reduce the time you spend in dissection ...without skimping on the details that you need to know!
47,00 44,65

Textbook of Fetal Abnormalities

David W. Pilling, Josephine M. McHugo
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 628

This title is commended for Radiology, BMA Awards 2007. Updated to reflect the recent advances in this fastchanging field, this highly illustrated text examines the latest imaging modalities for prenatal diagnosis of foetal abnormalities. A team of leading authorities provides practical, step-by-step guidance on everything from detection and successful management approaches. Algorithms and management strategies throughout not only describe the features of abnormalities, but also show you how to arrive at a correct diagnosis through the use of colour Doppler, 3-D ultrasound, and fetal MR. This second edition offers the essential practice-proven guidance you need to arrive at confident diagnoses in critical situations. It's a resource you'll turn to time and again! It uses a reader-friendly format to facilitate quick access to specific information.
245,00 232,75

Sports-Specific Rehabilitation

Robert A. Donatelli

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 368

This is a comprehensive resource for focusing on returning injured athletes to their optimal performance! This book discusses exercise principles; muscle fatigue, muscle damage, and overtraining concepts; pathophysiology of overuse injuries; core evaluation in sports-specific testing; physiological basis of exercise specific to sport; and, special considerations for the athlete. Secial features such as evidence-based clinical application boxes provide the reader with a solid body of research upon which to base their practice.
60,00 57,00

Visceral and Obstetric Osteopathy

Caroline Stone

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 364

"Visceral and Obstetric Osteopathy" covers the osteopathic approach to patient management for pregnant women (pre and post partum), and for patients presenting with a variety of visceral conditions such as asthma, chronic breathing problems, various gastro-intestinal tract disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, other conditions such as post operative scarring and pain, and many others. The text also covers the improvement of management of general musculo-skeletal problems such as back pain, neck pain and so on, by incorporating visceral and fascial perspectives into those examinations and treatment protocols. Current clinical knowledge, and ethical and medical constraints are dissucssed throughout. Supported by clear illustrations and clinical case studies this books makes an excellent resource for all practitioners and students of osteopathy.
71,00 67,45

Paediatric Clinical Examination Made Easy

Denis Gill, Niall O'Brien

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 288

This book provides a concise, humorous, and carefully written and illustrated guide to paediatric clinical skills, including the skill of history taking from the child at various ages and from the parents, as well as examination of the body systems. The style is appealing and easy to read, and contains advice and tips based on the authors years of experience and study.
33,00 31,35

Risk and Choice in Maternity Care

An International Perspective

Andrew Symon

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 192

There is an apparent paradox at play in contemporary western societies with an increased sense of risk-consciousness set against a growing demand for choice. The aim of this book is to illustrate the changing reality of risk management in maternity care and to highlight some of the difficulties encountered in offering or exercising choice. "Risk and Choice in Maternity Care" considers whether risk and choice are always as oppositional as they are sometimes portrayed. Risk management within healthcare is a complex and evolving subject and has developed considerably in recent years. The chapters in this book are written from the perspectives of different countries, including the UK, Ireland, Australia and the USA, and offer contrasting views on the approach to best practice, providing evidence-based care and giving women the freedom to choose. The issues raised are assessed in a concluding chapter that challenges the reader to identify how risk and choice considerations may be applied in clinical practice.
40,00 38,00

Cardiovascular Risk Management

W. Stephen Waring

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 160

For many years, individual cardiovascular risk factors have been dealt with in isolation, often by specialists with an interest in one particular risk factor, for example hypertension or hypercholesterolaemia. There has recently been a move to emphasize the importance of reducing global cardiovascular risk, which requires clinicians to address any one of a number of different risk factors. The interplay between these various factors is important in our understanding of development of cardiovascular disease and, similarly, the synergistic effects of targeting different risk factors is important in risk reduction.This text provides a comprehensive and up-to-date review of modern cardiovascular risk management. It belongs to the "In Clinical Practice" series, which incorporate multiple illustrations using novel and effective formats. Data are frequently presented as bullet point lists or tables so that the key information is clearly available. The emphasis is on overall cardiovascular risk reduction throughout, with integration of lifestyle and pharmacological interventions.
27,00 25,65

Complementary Medicine

A Guide for Pharmacists

Denise Rankin-Box, Elizabeth M. Williamson

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 320

This is an easy-to-navigate handbook to help pharmacists advise on complementary and alternative medicine, and recommend what is available and what may be appropriate for a particular patient. Giving an overview of CAM therapies, the book also focuses on specific conditions, with more detail to those relevant to pharmacists - such as asthma, pain relief, etc. It also contains contact numbers and addresses of relevant self-help groups, further reading where available, and advice on OTC products sold by pharmacies.
26,00 24,70

Crisis Management in Anesthesiology

Amanda Burden, David M. Gaba
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 432

The fully updated Crisis Management in Anesthesiology continues to provide updated insights on the latest theories, principles, and practices in anesthesiology. From anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists to emergency physicians and residents, this medical reference book will effectively prepare you to handle any critical incident during anesthesia.
65,00 61,75

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