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Libri di Frank Miller


Frank H. Miller, Stephen E. Rubesin

editore: Saunders

pagine: 888

Practical and clinically focused, this Gastrointestinal title in the new Teaching Files Series provides you with 200 interesting and well-presented cases and nearly 600 high-quality images to help you better diagnose any disease of the chest. Experts in the field, Drs. Miller and Rubesin, use a logical organization throughout, making referencing difficult diagnoses easier than ever before. Detailed discussions of today's modalities and technologies keep you up to date, and challenging diagnostic questions probe your knowledge of the material.
158,00 150,10

Genitourinary Imaging Cases

David Casalino, Frank H. Miller
e altri

editore: McGraw-Hill Medical

pagine: 672

In this title, 295 cases and more than 1700 illustrations teach you how to accurately interpret genitourinary tract images. This title has 4 Star Doody's Review! "The high-quality images and pithy discussions make this book very useful to radiologists, both in training and in practice...The book's best features are the excellent image quality, the inclusion of images of differential diagnostic considerations, and concise discussions of the cases. This is an excellent resource for radiologists in training and in practice. The case-based format is excellent for board preparation, and its concise prose provides all the necessary information while leaving out the excess". (Doody's Review Service). "Genitourinary Imaging Cases" presents an efficient and systematic approach to examining images of the genitourinary system. You will find an unmatched collection of 295 cases ranging from normal anatomy to the full spectrum of disease - including renal cystic masses, renal infection, renal vascular disease, and female pelvic abnormalities. Included with these cases are 1700+ high-quality images that are representative of what you would see on various imaging modalities. The book's easy-to-navigate organization is specifically designed for use at the workstation. The concise text, numerous images, and helpful icons speed access to essential information and simplify the learning process. Each case includes findings, differential diagnosis, comment/discussion, and clinical pearls. Icons, a grading system depicting the full spectrum of diseases, common to rare, and imaging findings, typical to unusual, along with the consistent chapter organization make this perfect for rapid at-the-bench consultation. This title places strong focus on pathology. It puts special emphasis on the latest diagnostic modalities that include both CT and MR images.
170,00 161,50

Conversazione sul fumetto

Will Eisner, Frank Miller

editore: Kappa Edizioni

pagine: 300

Storicamente incompreso e a volte denigrato, pur appassionando e divertendo lettori di ogni età ed estrazione, il fumetto ha da tempo conquistato una visibilità e un'attenzione nuova anche da parte di studiosi e istituzioni accademiche. Per tutti coloro che da anni conoscono questi due autori come maestri indiscussi della narrazione per immagini, Eisner/Miller rappresenta un documento fondamentale per la comprensione dei meccanismi creativi, ma anche editoriali e industriali che stanno alla base del linguaggio del fumetto. Il volume è riccamente illustrato con immagini tratte dalle storie degli autori e con fotografie inedite.

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