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Libri di David Schiff

Principles Of Neuro-oncology

Cancer of the Nervous System

David Schiff

editore: McGraw-Hill Medical

pagine: 832

The only book to provide comprehensive coverage of all the clinical management strategies of tumors afflicting the nervous system! Provides the best and most logical synthesis between clinical information and the molecular and basic science principles of these diseases. With a strong focus on radiation therapy, this text features management guidelines for treatment, including dosages and preferred combination of chemotherapeutic drugs as well as coverage of patient follow-up care. Brain tumors account in proportional terms for the highest level of mortality amongst cancer patients. Their incidence is also markedly on the rise, and now represents the most common solid tumor in children. As it is the only organ system without an inherent lymphatic system to protect against disease, the brain and peripheral nerves are also more susceptible to the spread of cancer from other regions of the body than any other organ. Once considered a veritable death sentence, the diagnosis of a CNS tumor is now conveyed along with measured optimism and a wide array of prospective strategies for its clinical management. Treatment of these tumors had always traditionally been the exclusive domain of the neurosurgeon, but now with the advent of many effective chemo- and radiotherapeutic regimens, this discipline has become as multi-modality oriented as many others in the field of oncology. Schiff's Principles of Neuro-Oncology will provide comprehensive coverage of all the clinical management strategies employable for the diagnosis and treatment of tumors that afflict the nervous system.
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Brain Tumors in Adults

An Issue of Neurologic Clinics

David Schiff, Patrick Wen

editore: Saunders

pagine: 390

In 2007, between 40,000 and 50,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with primary brain tumors, the majority of whom will be adults. Three times this number will develop metastatic brain tumors from cancer originating elsewhere in the body.This issue of "Neurologic Clinics" contains the following articles: Epidemiology of Brain Tumors (Wrensch, Claus); Molecular Pathogenesis of Brain Tumors and the Role of Stem Cells (Ligon, Kesari); Advances in Neuroimaging of Brain Tumors (Henson); Medical Management of Brain Tumor Patients (Schiff, Wen); Advances in Neurosurgery for Brain Tumors (Shaffrey); Advances in Radiation Therapy for Brain Tumors (Mehta); Novel Therapies for Brain Tumors (Wen, Schiff); Anaplastic Astrocytomas and Glioblastomas (Reardon); Anaplastic Oligodendrogliomas and Anaplastic Oligoastrocytomas (Van Den Bent); Low-Grade Gliomas (Lang, Gilbert); Brain Metastases (Deangelis); Benign Brain Tumors (Link); Primary CNS Lymphoma (Abrey); and Genetic Causes of Brain Tumors (Plotkin).
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Cancer Neurology in Clinical Practice

David Schiff, Partrick Wen

editore: Humana Press Inc.

pagine: 650

In "Cancer Neurology in Clinical Practice", leading neuro-oncologists from around the world comprehensively review the neurologic symptoms that cancer patients experience, and show how they should be interpreted and evaluated. Organized by both symptom and organ, the book carefully describes each diagnostic neurologic entity - from symptomatology to diagnostic studies to management and prognosis - and presents each major type of cancer in terms of it neurologic problems and how they should be handled. The role of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and other palliative measures are considered for each type of problem. Multidisciplinary and up-to-date, "Cancer Neurology in Clinical Practice" explains to the busy physicians treating cancer patients the latest findings in neuro-oncology that will help them to focus their differential diagnosis, diagnostic strategy, and treatment plan for the cancer patient with neurologic symptoms and findings.
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