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Libri di David R. Rosenberg

Il secolo dell'innovazione. Breve storia della tecnologia americana

David Mowery, Nathan Rosenberg

editore: Università Bocconi Editore

pagine: 172

Il motore a scoppio e la ricerca chimica di base nascono in Europa: eppure ciò non ha impedito agli Stati Uniti di conquistare la leadership in questi come in molti altri settori. Il secolo dell'innovazione è per molti aspetti il secolo del percorso tecnologico che ha condotto gli Stati Uniti alla supremazia nella ricerca e nello sviluppo dei prodotti, trasformando industria e consumi.
10,90 10,36

Pharmacotherapy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders

David R. Rosenberg, Samuel Gershon

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 474

This book fulfills an urgent need for an updated text on pediatric psychopharmacology. It takes a unique approach in discussing recent findings within the context of current issues, including economic and political ones. The book covers the emerging question of treating children who do not yet meet diagnostic criteria for psychosis, e.g, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, but who are deemed to be at high risk. This is an active area of debate: such children are being treated in certain centers, while others reject this completely. The book addresses the antidepressant controversy, the placebo response and unique strategies for delineating this, and ways to optimize the differential between active medication and placebo. It reviews the impact of recent American Heart Association guidelines for monitoring children on stimulants and other psychotropics. It adheres closely to DSM-IV diagnostic criteria throughout. The book describes the use of newly approved drugs such as Lexapro for treating adolescent depression and the novel compound Intuniv. It covers the TADS and CAMS studies, which evaluated the use of SSRIs alone and in combination with cognitive behavioral therapy for adolescent depression. Other topics include treatment of bipolar disorders, the increasing popularity of generic equivalents, combination pharmacotherapy and the potential dangers of psychotropic medications. This is the third edition of the first ever book published on pediatric psychopharmacology from renowned editors. It incorporates current developments with regard to SSRIs, their indications and their safety issues, including possible associated suicidal behavior. It addresses concerns about cardiovascular side effects of the new stimulant medications available, and compares to other FDA-approved medications for ADHD. It features many tables, figures and pictorials, making it highly accessible and reader friendly.
88,00 83,60

Mattotti. Sconfini

Giovanna Durì, Michel-Edouard Leclerc
e altri

editore: Logos

pagine: 220

Sconfini appare un titolo più che adeguato per la grande antologica che verrà ospitata a Udine, nella splendida cornice di Vil

Il secolo dell'innovazione. Breve storia della tecnologia americana

Nathan Rosenberg, David Mowery

editore: Università Bocconi

pagine: 182

Il motore a scoppio e la ricerca chimica sono invenzioni europee, eppure ciò non ha impedito agli Stati Uniti di conquistare la leadership in questo e in molti altri settori. Il secolo dell'innovazione è per molti aspetti il secolo del percorso tecnologico che ha condotto gli USA alla supremazia nella ricerca di base e nello sviluppo di prodotti. Rosenberg e Mowery disegnano argutamente il panorama della storia e della tecnologia americana. Individuano quattro traiettorie tecnologiche, grappoli di innovazioni e miglioramenti interrelati di prodotto e di processo che con la loro massa critica hanno trasformato l'industria e il consumo: il motore a combustione interna, le sostanze chimiche, l'elettricità e l'elettronica.
15,00 14,25

Pediatric Neuropsychiatry

C. Edward Coffey, David R. Rosenberg
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 864

"Pediatric Neuropsychiatry" provides the most updated and clinically relevant information on psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents with disturbances of brain function. Bridging the fields of psychiatry and neurology, this landmark work emphasizes the link between developmental brain biology and behavior. Major sections focus on neuropsychiatric aspects of specific psychiatric and neurologic disorders, highlighting the influence of the developing nervous system on these disorders' pathophysiology, manifestations, clinical course, treatment, and prognosis. Other sections discuss all contemporary diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. The chapters include case histories, algorithms, tables, and appendices that explain the rudiments of testing.
136,00 129,20

Evidence-based Medicine

How to Practice and Teach EBM

David L. Sackett, R. Brian Haynes
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 280

This manual is designed for clinicians who want to learn how to practise and teach evidence-based medicine. Written for the busy practitioner, it is short and highly practical. It shifts the focus from theory and explanation to tactics and clinical applications, seeking to reflect the growing ability to transform critical appraisals of evidence into direct clinical action. The chapters examine areas such as diagnosis and screening, prognosis, therapy, and how to find the best evidence. The accompanying CD-ROM contains clinical examples, critical appraisals, and background papers from 14 other health disciplines. It also features extended descriptions (including sample Web pages) of several evidence sources.
39,00 37,05

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