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Libri di C. Edward Coffey

Guide to Neuropsychiatric Therapeutics

C. Edward Coffey, Jonathan M. Silver
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 464

Written primarily by Fellows of the American Neuropsychiatric Association, this handbook offers practical, explicit, evidence-based guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. Concise, clinically oriented chapters cover all psychiatric and behavioral disorders associated with brain dysfunction. Each chapter describes the syndrome and its pathophysiology and provides evidence-based recommendations for assessment and biopsychosocial treatment. Additional chapters cover forensic neuropsychiatry and rational use of brain imaging and electrophysiology. This handy reference is ideally suited for use in the clinical setting. It is also an excellent review for the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties' certification exam in behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry.
45,00 42,75

Pediatric Neuropsychiatry

C. Edward Coffey, David R. Rosenberg
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 864

"Pediatric Neuropsychiatry" provides the most updated and clinically relevant information on psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents with disturbances of brain function. Bridging the fields of psychiatry and neurology, this landmark work emphasizes the link between developmental brain biology and behavior. Major sections focus on neuropsychiatric aspects of specific psychiatric and neurologic disorders, highlighting the influence of the developing nervous system on these disorders' pathophysiology, manifestations, clinical course, treatment, and prognosis. Other sections discuss all contemporary diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. The chapters include case histories, algorithms, tables, and appendices that explain the rudiments of testing.
136,00 129,20

The American Psychiatric Press Textbook of Geriatric Neuropsychiatry

C. Edward Coffey, Jeffrey L. Cummings

editore: American Psychiatric Press Inc.

pagine: 1088

For most of human history, life expectancy was remarkably stable at about 30A40 years. Within the past 150 years, however, medical advances have virtually doubled that number. The worldAs elderly population is growing at 2.4% per year, faster than the rest of the population, with disproportionate increases expected to continue as newer and better treatments are found that minimize the disabilities associated with advanced age. Key to improving the health and quality of life of the elderly is understanding and treating the brain diseases and behavioral disorders that become highly prevalent with age. Geriatric neuropsychiatry is an integrative specialty that draws from many diverse fields, including psychiatry, neurology, neuroscience, and geriatrics. It provides expertise on how to distinguish normal age-related changes from those of disease and disordered brain function. Edited by two eminent practitioners and educators, this wide-ranging textbookAs 41 chapters are divided into five major sections: -Introduction to Geriatric NeuropsychiatryAIntroduces the field, including the epidemiology of aging and its array of interacting and accumulating disadvantages, the neurobiology of aging, and the neurobiological basis of behavior -Neuropsychiatric Assessment of the ElderlyADescribes how to ensure early, accurate diagnoses, using both the fundamental cognitive skills evaluation and the more in-depth neuropsychological evaluation; age-associated memory impairment (AAMI) and its biological bases; anatomic imaging of age-related changes in brain morphology; and the latest imaging techniques that allow visualization of brain function in vivo -Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Psychiatric Disorders in the ElderlyACovers everything from affective and anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and psychoses that start late in life to sleep disorders, delirium, pain, contemporary personality psychology, mental retardation, and aggression -Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Neurological Disease in the ElderlyAFocuses on diseases such as nondegenerative dementing disorders, AlzheimerAs and ParkinsonAs diseases, hyperkinetic movement disorders, stroke, epilepsy, and traumatic brain injury, concluding with medical illnesses and therapies -Principles of Neuropsychiatric Treatment of the ElderlyADiscusses the effect of age in geriatric neuropsychopharmacology, psychopharmacology, ECT, psychosocial therapies, neuropsychiatry in nursing homes, genetic interventions, rehabilitation, ethical issues, and competency and related forensic issues Exhaustively researched and annotated, the American Psychiatric Press Textbook of Geriatric Neuropsychiatry, Second Edition provides a definitive core reference for psychiatry and neurology residents, particularly those pursuing a specialty in geriatrics, and for graduate students in psychology, neuropsychology, and related fields.
252,24 239,63

Manuale di neuropsichiatria geriatrica

C. Edward Coffey, Jeffrey L. Cummings

editore: CIC Edizioni Internazionali

pagine: 1070


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