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Libri di A. Wesley Burks

Middleton's Allergy

Principles and Practice

A. Wesley Burks, Bruce S. Bochner
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 1896

Boasting a worldwide reputation as the leading text in allergy and immunology, Middleton's Allergy continues its steadfast tradition of providing comprehensive coverage of state-of-the-art basic science, as well as authoritative guidance on the clinical concepts of day-to-day diagnosis and management of allergic disorders. Offering timely information that's suited for clinicians and researchers alike, Middleton's is a user-friendly and versatile source for the knowledge you need to provide optimal care to your patients!
294,99 250,74

Food Allergy

A. Wesley Burks, John M. James
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 368

Definitive yet concise, "Food Allergy", by Drs. John M. James, Wesley Burks, and Philippe Eigenmann, provides expert guidance for efficient diagnosis and effective management of these increasingly prevalent conditions. The consistent, practical format, with a wealth of case studies, clinical pearls and pitfalls, full-color photos and illustrations, diagrams, and more - along with online access at our associate website make this an ideal quick reference tool for both allergy clinicians and primary care physicians.
85,00 72,25

Food Allergy

A. Wesley Burks, Ricki M. Helm
e altri

editore: American Society for Microbiology

pagine: 344

Provides clinicians, scientists, educators, and regulators with an authoritative review of the field. * Combines our knowledge and hypotheses about food allergy treatments, research directions, bioinformatics tools, and industry and governmental regulation guidelines into one valuable reference. * Examines the identification and characterization of allergenic proteins within food sources, the underlying mechanisms of action, and treatment options. * Emphasizes clinical aspects of food allergy and advances in diagnosis; cutting edge immunochemical theories and molecular mechanisms; immunotherapy and the role of animal models in advancing food allergy research; the effects of food processing on allergenicity; and methods for preparing hypoallergenic foods. * Features in-depth coverage of bioinformatics tools.
136,00 115,60

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