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Libri di A. Chalmers

Rook's Textbook of Dermatology

Voll. 1-4

Christopher Griffiths, Daniel Creamer
e altri

editore: John Wiley & Sons Inc

pagine: 4696

The world’s number 1 dermatology information resource universally respected, Rook's Textbook of Dermatology 4 Volume Set – edited by Wiley & Sons - is the most comprehensive, definitive and best-illustrated reference work for dermatologists of all levels worldwide and has been at the forefront of international dermatology publishing since first appearing in 1968. The Ninth Edition has been radically re-engineered to match the modern day challenges faced by dermatologists. Once again it has been published as a combined digital and print resource, but with a new online platform enabling easier and faster navigation. A common structure to describe and discuss each disorder has been adopted throughout, whilst maintaining the depth of information for which Rook is renowned. A high priority has been placed on the ease of extracting key information quickly: diagnostic algorithms and management ladders help the reader choose appropriate treatment strategies. More images than ever over 5000 in total aid diagnosis by displaying variations in disease manifestations according to body location, skin type and severity. The section on aesthetic dermatology has been greatly expanded with more coverage of procedures in this rapidly developing field. Rook's Textbook of Dermatology, 9th Edition provides you with: The very best content from the number one brand in dermatology an essential consultation tool for all dermatologists; An outstanding combined digital/print resource, exhaustively covering every dermatological disorder; A complete overhaul of its content each disorder now follows a consistent templated approach; A fresh approach to the classification of disorders and organization of chapters, of which there are now 160 instead of 80, all organised into 14 logical sections; A newly designed sophisticated online platform with a fast and powerful digital search functionality search by keyword, disorder or chapter or consult the online image database and get expert clinical advice more quickly than ever; Lavishly illustrated chapters with over 5000 colour images showing variation in disease patterns by body location, skin type and severity; Comprehensive coverage of medical, surgical and aesthetic dermatology, as well as the basic science underpinning the field; An experienced British editorial team working with distinguished international authors and associate editors; Greater emphasis than before on clinical studies/trials, society guidelines and the latest ICD codes; While key references remain in the printed version, thousands more are cited in the book and can be accessed online, where each is hyperlinked to the relevant text Rook's Textbook of Dermatology, Ninth Edition is the complete dermatology reference work. More comprehensive than ever, with more images, more disorders covered and faster, more dynamic and wider digital search functionality. It is an essential resource for the modern day dermatologist, whether experienced or at the beginning of a career in dermatology. Related searches: Rook's textbook of dermatology 9th edition, Rook's Textbook of Dermatology 4 Volume Set, Wiley: Rook's Textbook of Dermatology 4 Volume Set 9th edition
647,00 550,00

Spazi della cultura, cultura degli spazi. Nuovi luoghi di produzione e consumo della cultura contemporanea

a cura di A. Branzi, A. Chalmers

editore: Franco Angeli

pagine: 160

Il libro si colloca come primo documento della vasta operazione di revisione di alcune fondamentali tipologie storiche, che l'attuale cultura del progetto di Interni sta affrontando. Sono proprio gli spazi di produzione e di consumo della cultura che oggi registrano il più evidente ritardo, rispetto alle logiche generali con cui la cultura del XXI secolo si sta sviluppando. Questo libro raccoglie dunque i primi documenti relativi a questa vasta riflessione teorica e gli esempi di progetti che cominciano a muoversi per sperimentare nuovi dispositivi di funzionamento interno delle tipologie destinate alla produzione e al consumo della cultura contemporanea. Si tratta dunque di una indagine relativa alla progettazione degli spazi interni, una realtà che si confronta con le tendenze emergenti nella cultura contemporanea e con le nuove dimensioni della produzione sociale della cultura e dell'innovazione come parti significative della nuova economia sociale.

Acute CT

A Primer of Emergency Imaging

Alan Chalmers, Kshitij Mankad
e altri

editore: Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd

pagine: 192

Acute CT is an exciting and challenging area of radiology which has largely replaced the more traditional forms of imaging in terms of emergency practice. Acute CT: A Primer of Emergency Imaging is a precise, up to date volume of a size and format that aims to provide a concise source of reference for all clinical groups involved in acute or trauma CT. It will serve as an ideal bench book or pocket companion for junior radiologists involved with on-call practice, while also being of value to trainee and practicing radiographers and those studying for Royal College and Board exams. Scanning protocols and the use of contrast agents in the emergency and trauma setting are discussed, and the common emergency conditions and their differential diagnoses are presented in an easily read and understand format, covering the following: - A suggested imaging protocol for the clinical problem or body part under investigation - An outline of the imagining features expected for that condition and the differential diagnosis to consider - Images that illustrate the classical presentation along with examples of less common findings and potential pitfalls with interpretation - Advice on formulating an acute report that emphasizes the key points required to determine patient management.
42,00 39,90
93,00 88,35


Alison Chalmers, Armagan Dagal
e altri

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 448

This concise pocketbook provides accessible, clear guidelines on neuroanaesthesia and the management of head injuries. It includes information on the basic sciences relevant to the specialty; the general principles of neuroanaesthesia including preoperative assessment, management of the airway, positioning, temperature control, fluid administration, analgesia, and postoperative care. It also covers the management of surgical procedures such as craniotomy for vascular procedures, craniotomy for non-vascular procedures, spinal cord and spinal surgery, as well as neuroimaging and interventional neuroradiology procedures; paediatric neuroanaesthesia, and head injury including immediate care, surgery for evacuation of haematoma, neurosurgical critical care, and brain death. Problems and complications during anaesthesia will also be addressed. Written by experienced consultants and experts in their field this book contains information, management suggestions and protocols to enable trainee anaesthetists and non-specialist (general) anaesthetists work successfully in clinical situations armed with knowledge and advice to perform effectively. For FRCA candidates it provides a unique source of information which can be annotated for personal learning needs.
63,00 59,85

Decorazione interculturale fra design e architettura

Francesca Lanz, Alessandra Chalmers

editore: Franco Angeli

pagine: 136

La situazione odierna è caratterizzata da un flusso continuo di immigrazione all'interno delle metropoli europee. Questo produce numerosi effetti di cambiamento nel modo di vivere la città stessa. Risulta quindi necessaria una riflessione che tocchi tali temi anche nel campo del progetto: questo libro si interroga proprio sugli effetti del rapporto fra identità culturale e contemporaneità nel progetto dello spazio architettonico, partendo da un particolare, la decorazione, strumento privilegiato dell'espressività dell'uomo. Il tema proposto permette una riflessione su che cosa significhi e su quale sia il valore della parola identità e tradizione nell'architettura, in particolare rispetto agli scenari contemporanei nei quali sembra prevalere rispetto alla progettazione un atteggiamento di desemantizzazione e indeterminatezza dello spazio. Nonostante questo dato, comunque rilevante, resta nell'atteggiamento dell'uomo contemporaneo la tendenza a ricercare un'identità nel luogo che abita, sia che si guardi alla città che nella definizione dello spazio abitativo. Per molti anni l'uomo moderno ha identificato la possibilità del proprio senso di libertà attraverso una condizione nomade, quasi senza storia. Oggi invece sempre di più l'uomo comincia a prendere coscienza del fatto che per essere libero deve appartenere e che la parola abitare indica l'appartenenza ad un luogo definito e ad una tradizione.
16,00 15,20

Manual of Hypertension

Alberto U. Ferrari, Giuseppe Mancia
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 736

This practical, quick-reference manual gives the reader clearly defined guidelines on how to treat hypertensive patients and associated diseases. It deals extensively with the various clinical aspects of hypertension in a well-illustrated, easy-to-read format. Expertly edited chapters streamline the authoritative contributions made by renowned physicians and researchers into one cohesive source. It will be a "bench book" on hypertension, in which its various aspects are dealt with from a clinical perspective. Careful attention will be paid to page design and to the use of graphical devices to optimise presentation and facilitate "navigation": the book will be easy to refer to and learn from.
118,00 112,10

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