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Libri di Peter James

La prova dell'infinito

Peter James

editore: Longanesi

pagine: 624

Ross Hunter, giornalista investigativo, stava per non rispondere a quella telefonata
20,00 19,00

Chimica fisica

Julio De Paula, Peter William Atkins
e altri

editore: Zanichelli

pagine: 944

120,00 114,00

Stevens & Lowe's Human Histology

James S. Lowe, Peter G. Anderson

editore: Mosby

pagine: 448

Master the latest in the ever-evolving field of histology with the in-depth and visually engaging Stevens and Lowe's Human Histology. Intended as a complete introduction to the subject, this updated medical reference book incorporates clinical correlations and case studies with the basic information that's essential for students to thrive in the medical environment.
60,00 57,00

Feigin and Cherry's Textbook of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

2-Volume Set

Gail J. Demmler-Harrison, James Cherry
e altri

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 3152

Offering unparalleled coverage of infectious diseases in children and adolescents, Feigin & Cherry's Textbook of Pediatric Infectious Diseases 8th Edition, continues to provide the information you need on epidemiology, public health, preventive medicine, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment, and much more. This extensively revised edition by Drs. James Cherry, Gail J. Demmler-Harrison, Sheldon L. Kaplan, William J. Steinbach, and Peter J. Hotez, offers a brand-new full-color design, new color images, new guidelines, and new content, reflecting today's more aggressive infectious and resistant strains as well as emerging and re-emerging diseases Discusses infectious diseases according to organ system, as well as individually by microorganisms, placing emphasis on the clinical manifestations that may be related to the organism causing the disease. Provides detailed information regarding the best means to establish a diagnosis, explicit recommendations for therapy, and the most appropriate uses of diagnostic imaging. Features expanded information on infections in the compromised host; immunomodulating agents and their potential use in the treatment of infectious diseases; and Ebola virus. Contains hundreds of new color images throughout, as well as new guidelines, new resistance epidemiology, and new Global Health Milestones. Includes new chapters on Zika virus and Guillain-Barr� syndrome. Expert ConsultT eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
352,00 334,40

Feigin and Cherry's Textbook of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Gail J. Demmler-Harrison, James D. Cherry
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 3904

Feigin and Cherry's Textbook of Pediatric Infectious Diseases helps you put the very latest knowledge to work for your young patients with unparalleled coverage of everything from epidemiology, public health, and preventive medicine through clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment, and much more. Ideal for all physicians, whether in an office or hospital setting, Feigin and Cherry's equips you with trusted answers to your most challenging clinical infectious disease questions.
317,00 301,15

Mechanism and Management of Headache

James W. Lance, Peter J. Goadsby

editore: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd

pagine: 416

Based on the current classification of the International Headache Society, this revised and updated "7th Edition" provides up-to-date, practical guidance on the very latest advances in research into the pathophysiology, clinical aspects, and treatment of all types of headache including migraine, tension-type headache, cluster headache, and chronic daily headache. It provides an optimal blend of clinical know-how and relevant basic science, written in an easy-to-read, engaging style.
60,00 57,00

Critical Care

James E. Szalados, Peter Papadakos

editore: Mosby

pagine: 464

Look here for succinct, clinical guidance on critical care. This new volume in the "Requisites in Anesthesia" series explores important principles and procedures, plus a full range of syndromes affecting every organ system of the body. Its practical, "high-yield" content makes it the perfect refresher for certification or recertification, as well as a handy reference for everyday practice.
74,00 70,30

Peripheral Neuropathy

P. K. Thomas, Peter James Dyck

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

pagine: 2992

Covers the disorders of the peripheral nervous system including their clinical, neurophysiologic, pathologic and biochemical features. Extensive illustrations and chapter outlines are provided for enhanced learning and quick reference.
403,00 382,85

Hodgkin Lymphoma

James O. Armitage, Lawrence M. Weiss
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 496

The definitive text on Hodgkin lymphoma is now in its thoroughly revised, updated Second Edition. More than 100 recognized authorities from all parts of the world provide comprehensive, current information on every aspect of Hodgkin lymphoma, including etiology, epidemiology, biology, pathology, evaluation, staging, treatment, and follow-up. This edition describes the increased use of PET scanning in staging and follow-up. Chapters discuss current treatment options-including combination chemotherapy, radiation therapy, novel treatment techniques, and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation-and offer guidelines for treatment selection. Full consideration is given to late effects of therapy and clinical trials for assessing quality of life in patients. This edition includes complete access to the fully searchable online text of the entire book with all the images at
160,00 152,00

Non-hodgkin Lymphomas

Bertrand Coiffier, James O. Armitage
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 672

Thoroughly updated for its second edition, "Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas" is the definitive textbook on the biology, diagnosis, staging, and treatment of all forms of non-Hodgkin lymphomas. With backgrounds in medical and radiation oncology, molecular biology, and pathology, the editors and contributors provide an international, multidisciplinary approach to the topic. This edition is the first text using the new World Health Organization classification of non-Hodgkin lymphomas. The book offers complete coverage of the most current techniques for diagnosis, staging, and treatment, the approach to specific types of lymphoma, and special problems common to the management of patients with these disorders. A companion Website includes the fully searchable text and downloadable images.
170,00 161,50

Il libro delle antiche invenzioni

Peter James, Nick Thorpe

editore: Armenia

pagine: 670

Un folto gruppo di storici e archeologici, guidato dai due autori, ha raccolto e selezionato il materiale che ha dato origine alla storia del progresso umano lungo i secoli qui proposta. Le scoperte sono catalogate per argomenti: medicina (la chirurgia plastica era praticata in India nel I secolo a.C. e gli etruschi usavano le dentiere); trasporti e comunicazioni (a Baghdad nel Medioevo operava un efficiente servizio postale); vita sessuale (gli egiziani impiegavano efficaci contraccettivi); tecnologia militare; alimentazione; agricoltura; urbanistica; sport.
23,50 22,33

Evidence Based Obstetrics

A Companion Volume to High Risk Pregnancy

David K. James, Kassam Mahomed
e altri

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

pagine: 424

This companion to James et al.'s popular "High Risk Pregnancy, 2nd Edition", and "Evidence Based Obstetrics" summarizes the evidence for a broad range of obstetric clinical problems. Its convenient handbook summary-style and cross references to "High Risk Pregnancy" make it perfect for on-the-spot consultations and for further study.
57,00 54,15

Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine

A Practical Guide

Gavin Bowyer, Ian Greaves
e altri

editore: Springer London Ltd

pagine: 427

Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine - A Practical Guide provides a framework for use by health professionals visiting a resource-constrained environment. Encompassing problems brought about by local conflict or natural disasters, the book covers preparation, organisation, logistics, treatment of major trauma and medical emergencies, and the special problems of delivering medicine in a hostile environment.Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine - A Practical Guide comprehensively tackles:- self-preparation of health professionals to face a range of medical and related problems which occur in hostile and remote environments;- war and disaster medicine, covering acute management, rehabilitation, reconstruction and prevention;- bridging the fields of medicine, nursing, international relations, history, politics and economics.The book also touches on nutrition, infection, trauma, psychiatry and psychological medicine and training.James Ryan, Leonard Cheshire Professor of Conflict Recovery, Royal Free and University College Medical School, London, UK Peter F Mahoney, Consultant Anaesthetist and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Conflict Medicine, Leonard Cheshire Centre, Royal Free and University College Medical School, London, UK Ian Greaves, Lecturer in Conflict Medicine, Leonard Cheshire Centre, Royal Free and University College Medical School, London, UK Gavin Bowyer, Consultant in Orthopaedic Surgery, Southampton General Hospital, UK.
57,00 54,15

Handbook of Venous Disorders

Guidelines of the American Venous Forum

James S. T. Yao, Peter Gloviczki

editore: Hodder Arnold

pagine: 576

Since the publication of the first edition five years ago, substantial new information has emerged in many areas of acute and chronic venous disease, on venous malformations and lymphatic disorders. This revised, updated and expanded edition takes account of these developments and provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical evaluation, diagnostic imaging, medical, endovascular and surgical management. New chapters on reporting standards and outcome analysis and a new report of the American Venous Forum Research Committee on basic and clinical research in venous and lymphatic disease are also included. A key feature of this book is the integration of surgical, endovascular and medical therapies helping to make it an essential reference source on the diagnosis and treatment of venous and lymphatic diseases. The book is authored by founding members of the American Venous Forum; a society dedicated to research, education and the clinical practice of venous and lymphatic diseases. This edition includes several international authors, all expert in venous disease, most being regular or honorary members of the American Venous Forum. The book is primarily intended for medical students, house officers, residents and fellows in vascular surgery, interventional radiology, vascular and internal medicine, cardiology, phlebology and dermatology. It will also be of great interest to physicians, surgeons, vascular laboratory technologists and vascular nurses who are involved in the investigation, evaluation or management of venous and lymphatic diseases or malformations. The manual is for medical students, house officers, fellows in vascular surgery, radiology or vascular medicine, and all physicians and surgeons who participate in the evaluation and treatment of venous or lymphatic disease. This revised second edition is expanded and fully up-to-date, reflecting modern advances in vascular diagnosis and therapy.
181,79 172,70

Hodgkin's Disease

James O. Armitage, Peter Mauch

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 832

This volume is the first definitive text on Hodgkin's disease to be published in nearly 20 years. More than 100 distinguished experts from all parts of the world provide comprehensive, current information on every aspect of the disease, including etiology, epidemiology, pathogenesis, evaluation, staging, and treatment. Chapters describe current treatment options and ongoing clinical trials and offer guidelines on treatment selection. Full consideration is given to the late effects of therapy and to strategies for avoiding these complications
252,00 239,40

ABC of Conflict and Disaster

Anthony D. Redmond, Cara Macnab
e altri

editore: BMJ Books

pagine: 80

30,00 28,50

Pancreatic Cancer

Douglas B. Evans, James L. Abruzzese
e altri

editore: Springer-Verlag New York Inc.

pagine: 444

The MD Anderson Solid Tumor Oncology series presents cutting-edge surgical treatment and medical therapy for specific sites. This volume, Pancreatic Cancer, addresses epidemiology and molecular biology, inherited syndromes, staging, surgical techniques, multimodality therapy, and emerging therapies. The individual chapters focus on narrow, specific topics to produce a reference work of value to those interested in pancreatic cancer from a clinical and translational research perspective. A must-have for surgical oncologists and general surgeons.
206,58 196,25

Hematology-Oncology Therapy

Dave Kohler, David R. Kohler
e altri

editore: McGraw-Hill Medical

pagine: 1888

The first clinical manual to bridge the disciplines of hematology and oncology 500 treatment regimens in a quick-scan presentation! Hematology-Oncology Therapy is a readily-accessible, up-to-date therapy guide for oncologic and non-neoplastic hematologic disorders. This comprehensive book presents 500 treatment regimens in a concise, uniform format and integrates critical treatment information from the oncology and hematology literature, practice guidelines, and the experience of experts. The new edition is thoroughly updated with new content, drug regimens, and authors. Features Completely updated to reflect new classes of cancer drugs, including targeted biologicals NEW 9 additional international contributors NEW chapters: Pregnancy and Chemotherapy; Hematologic Complications of Pregnancy; Hemochromatosis NEW "Expert Opinion" added to every Oncology chapter NEW Drug Index More comprehensive than any other manual on the market Thoroughly updated content:Section I: Oncology;Section II: Supportive Care, Drug Preparation, Complications, and Screening;Section III: Selected Hematologic Diseases.
80,00 76,00

Primary Surgery

James Cairns, Jim Thornton
e altri

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 656

The four Primary Surgery volumes are manuals written for the non-specialist doctor and medical students. Two other volumes Trauma and Primary Anaesthesia have already been published and a fourth, Primary Mother Care is in preparation. The manuals describe what a doctor can do if s/he cannot refer a patient, both in emergency and for 'cold surgery'. Surgery has become fragmented into many specialties, and these manuals select methods of which the generalist can make good use. Although common problems such as Caesarean section, the resection of dead gut, and the release of pus from infected bones are highlighted, it is recognized that rare problems are fairly common, and thus the manuals aim to be comprehensive. The organization and equipment found within an operating theatre is described, and an extensive equipment list is provided. The previous volumes have been well-received, as a reader from Africa testifies: "With the volume on Trauma (which never leaves the theatre) open, my colleagues and I have done several operations successfully, which we previously knew nothing about. I was especially impressed with the descriptions of how to make burr holes for intracranial bleeding. Following the instructions, a patient who had been unconscious for 10 days woke up after the evacuation of bilateral subdural haematosas."
40,00 38,00

Essentials of General Surgery

James C. Hebert, Merril T. Dayton
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 608

For nearly 25 years, medical students and faculty alike have chosen "Essentials of General Surgery" and its companion textbook, "Essentials of Surgical Specialties", for authoritative coverage of surgical information that every physician in training should know. The Fifth Edition incorporates current research from the field; new sample questions, answers, and rationales; and new tables and algorithms. A new art program presents concepts and images-including an Appendix with 50 burn images-in full color for optimal learning and retention. Why is this textbook so popular? With its overview of anatomy, physiology, and coverage of pertinent complications for each case, the text prepares students for the NBME shelf exam for surgery, as well as residency training. The authors - all of whom are practicing surgeons-carefully manage the depth and breadth of content so that each section can be reasonably read and thoroughly understood by third- and fourth-year students. Organized by systems, the text features a closing section on surgical procedures to orient students to some of the most common cases seen on a general surgery rotation. With your purchase of the text, you'll receive access to: Interactive question bank with answer explanations. It is a fully searchable eBook. It includes bonus chapters on ethics and surgical procedures and Image Bank.

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