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Controversies in Stereotactic Radiosurgery: Best Evidence Recommendations

J. P. Sheehan, Peter Gerszten

editore: Thieme Medical Publishers Inc

pagine: 270

Controversies in Stereotactic Radiosurgery: Best Evidence Recommendations is a comprehensive reference that compiles, synthesizes, and summarizes the most relevant scientific literature on the topic. Each succinct, problem-oriented chapter addresses a different controversy surrounding stereotactic radiosurgery. This book saves physicians significant amounts of time by distilling years of scientific research into sound guidelines that will help them make fully-informed treatment decisions. Key Features: * Covers both intracranial and spine radiosurgery, providing complete coverage of this rapidly evolving technology* Includes more than 35 chapters on treatment controversies for brain and spine tumors as well as vascular malformations* Contains summary tables throughout the text that present the main conclusions of published studies All neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, and neuro-oncologists, involved in the treatment of patients who may be candidates for stereotactic radiosurgery of the brain and spine will find this book to be an essential decision making guide.
110,00 104,50

Spine Radiosurgery

Peter Gerszten, Samuel Ryu

editore: Thieme Medical Publishers Inc

pagine: 176

Written by leading experts from the fields of neurosurgery, radiation oncology, and medical physics, this book is the definitive reference for clinical applications of state-of-the-art radiosurgery of the spine. It discusses the benefits as well as the limitations of current spine radiosurgery treatments for benign and malignant spine disorders, primary and metastatic tumors, and spinal cord arteriovenous malformations. The opening chapters present the essential background information on relevant spinal cord radiobiology, physics, and technology, followed by chapters on specific applications of spine radiosurgery covering indications, techniques, outcomes, and possible complications. Highlights: * Practical guidelines on radiosurgery target delineation, dose selection and escalation, patient immobilization, and quality assurance * Comprehensive discussion of the design of various radiosurgical devices and the technical approaches recommended for the use of each * More than 100 illustrations, most in full-color, to demonstrate key concepts This is a must-have resource for clinicians, medical physicists, fellows, and residents in neurosurgery and radiation oncology. Spine surgeons, orthopaedists, and oncologists at all levels of expertise will also benefit from the wealth of information provided in this book.
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