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Libri di O. John Ma

2021 Nelson's Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy

a cura di John S. Bradley, John D. Nelson

editore: American Academy of Pediatrics

pagine: 362

Completely updated and revised, the 27th edition of this best-selling reference provides instant access to the latest recommendations for treatment of infectious diseases in children, including COVID-19. For each disease, the authors provide a commentary to help select the best of all antimicrobial choices.Drug descriptions cover all antimicrobial agents available today and include complete information about dosing regimens.New in the 27th edition:Continuous updates of drug and dosing changes4 new chaptersReorganized chapter order to improve functionality
51,00 48,45
25,00 23,75

Il libro dell'ignoranza

John Lloyd, John Mitchinson

editore: Einaudi

pagine: 240

Questa esplorazione delle stranezze e assurdità del regno animale permette di scoprire - con il beneplacito della scienza - ch
12,00 11,40

Dental Materials

Foundations and Applications

John C. Wataha, John M. Powers

editore: Mosby

pagine: 272

Get an in-depth understanding of the dental materials and tasks that dental professionals encounter every day with Dental Materials: Foundations and Applications, 11th Edition. Trusted for nearly 40 years, Powers and Wataha's text walks readers through the nature, categories, and uses of clinical and laboratory dental materials in use today. Increased coverage of foundational basics and clinical applications and an expanded art program help make complex content easier to grasp. If you're looking to effectively stay on top of the rapidly developing field of dental materials, look no further than this proven text.
77,00 73,15

AAOS Atlas of Orthoses and Assistive Devices

John D. Hsu, John Fisk
e altri

editore: Mosby

pagine: 672

Here's all the guidance you need to overcome the most difficult musculoskeletal problems using orthoses and assistive devices! With new coverage of post polio syndrome, cranial orthoses, and now incorporating the perspectives of renowned physiatrists, this is a one-stop rehabilitation resource. Tips and Pearls in every chapter and a new 2-color format make accessing information a snap.
205,00 194,75

Il libro dell'ignoranza sugli animali

John Lloyd, John Mitchinson

editore: Einaudi

Questa esplorazione delle stranezze e assurdità del regno animale permette di scoprire - con il beneplacito della scienza - ch
12,50 11,88


John C. Kotz, Paul M. Treichel
e altri

editore: Edises

53,00 50,35

Tourette Syndrome

John T. Walkup, John W. Mink
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 400

This volume provides a summary review of all recently published and ongoing research initiatives related to Tourette Syndrome. The latest research is presented in a clinical context, and controversial issues are fully discussed using an evidence-based approach. These issues include the prevalence of TS, the nature of the TS phenotype, the role of autoimmunity in the development of TS, the role of comorbidity in functional outcomes of TS patients, and approaches to identifying the TS gene/genes. Chapters describe recent advances in neuroimaging, genetics, and treatment. The book includes extensive discussions of co-morbid disorders: obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, mood disorders, and tics.
157,00 149,15

Human Anatomy, Color Atlas and Textbook

With Student Consult Online Access

Ian Whitmore, John A. Gosling
e altri

editore: Mosby

pagine: 456

The new edition of this well-known hybrid anatomy core text and atlas superbly depicts and describes the human body, so you can identify anatomical structures with confidence and have a clear understanding of the core anatomy you need. Now fully revised and updated, it is the only textbook and atlas of gross anatomy that illustrates all structures using high-quality dissection photographs AND clearly labelled line drawings for each photograph. This is combined with concise yet thorough text to support and explain all key human anatomy and clearly relate it to clinical practice. The complete, downloadable eBook (via Student Consult), enhanced with interactive self-assessment material, completes this superb, comprehensive resource. It will be particularly relevant to medical and dental students, as well as candidates preparing for higher surgical specialties and radiology. It will also be an invaluable, accessible guide for students in other professions where anatomy is an important component of the course. * New highlighting of expanded clinically relevant portions of the text and the Clinical Case Skills pages help readers quickly understand how to apply gross anatomical knowledge to clinical settings * High quality, colored dissection photographs show structures most likely to be seen and tested in the lab - helps students recognize and interpret gross specimens accurately * Interpretive line drawings next to every photograph clearly identify structures described in the adjacent text and consistent use of color-coding helps differentiate muscle, ligament, peritoneum etc. * New photographs with the latest imaging techniques employed in current practice reveal anatomical structures clearly * This book comes with the complete, downloadable eBook via STUDENT CONSULT - enhanced with new interactive self-assessment material to check understanding and aid exam preparation
65,00 61,75

Medical Epidemiology: Population Health and Effective Health Care

John R. Boring, John William Eley
e altri

editore: McGraw-Hill Professional

pagine: 288

Understand the role of epidemiology in clinical medicine for the best patient outcomes possible For nearly a quarter of a century, Medical Epidemiology has been the go-to text for understanding the principles and concepts of epidemiology and the relationship between population-based science and efficient patient care. It delivers the most current information on patterns of disease occurrence and risk factors - all clearly linked to clinical practice through the use of Health Scenarios in every chapter. This edition of Medical Epidemiology has been completely rewritten to reflect the transformative changes in the manner in which epidemiologic methods are being utilized in today's healthcare as well as the major shifts that have occurred at the policy level. New chapters have been added on many timely topics, including global health, social determinants of health, health inequalities, comparative effectiveness, quality of care, variations in care, and implementation science. Increased information about evaluating, summarizing, and using evidence for improved patient care and outcomes gives this edition an even greater clinical focus.
65,00 61,75

Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine

Grace Robinson, John Stradling
e altri

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 928

Revised and updated for its third edition, the Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine is the must-have resource for junior doctors and students, and all clinicians caring for patients with respiratory problems. Concise, practical, and designed for rapid access to essential information, this handbook will ensure you have everything you need for the ward, clinic, or exams. This handbook covers the latest clinical guidelines and developments in the field. It features unique sections on practical procedures and a symptoms section to aid in differential diagnosis and clinical management. Practical advice on management is integrated throughout and a dedicated section on respiratory emergencies ensures you can cope with any eventuality. New sections such as thoracic ultrasound, indwelling pleural catheters, safe sedation, and cardiopulmonary exercise testing have been added, and all major respiratory diseases and symptoms are covered in practical, succinct chapters. This third edition will ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips.
48,00 45,60

Structural Heart Disease Interventions

John D. Carroll, John G. Webb

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 416

Structural heart disease (SHD) is a significant source of morbidity and mortality. Therapeutic interventions for these disorders have evolved from a small number of procedures to an impressive array of new approaches to diseases that have been traditionally managed by surgery and medical therapy. "Structural Heart Disease Interventions" collects and refines the latest advances in the discipline - from established to emerging tools and techniques - providing clinicians and all members of the care team with a practical, comprehensive, clinically relevant summary of the discipline. The manual's emphasis on minimally invasive procedures allows for shorter healing times and improved outcomes. Clinically essential information is presented in five convenient sections: Core Knowledge in SHD Intervention; Specialized Skills for the Interventionalist/Surgeon; Closure of Congenital and Acquired Defects in Adults; Transcatheter Therapy for Valvular Disease; and Additional Specialized SHD Interventions. This practical resource includes: abundant, high quality images present anatomical complexities and diversity; interactive 3-D graphics use the latest technology to guide critical interventions; global perspectives from expert contributors detail the latest tools and techniques; concise, practical presentation emphasizes the most clinically relevant information; coverage of transcatheter mitral valve repair helps readers perfect their technique; companion website with full text and interactive PDF's on Aortic Stenosis, Atrial Septal Defect, and Left Atrial Appendage; and chapter on how to establish and credential a SHD program helps promote best practices.
160,00 152,00

Il libro dell'ignoranza sugli animali

John Lloyd, John Mitchinson

editore: Einaudi

pagine: 319

Questa esplorazione delle stranezze e assurdità del regno animale permette di scoprire - con il beneplacito della scienza - ch
11,50 10,93

Wilson and Gisvold's Textbook of Organic Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

John Block, John M Beale

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 1024

For over half a century, "Wilson and Gisvold's Textbook of Organic Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry" has served the discipline of medicinal chemistry for both graduate and undergraduate pharmacy and chemistry students as well as practicing pharmacists. Fully updated for the Twelfth Edition, this book begins with the fundamental principles of chemistry, biochemistry, and biology that underlie the discipline of medicinal chemistry. These principles are then applied to understanding the properties, mode of action, therapeutic applications, and limitations of various pharmaceutical agents. The subject matter is organized by pharmaceutical and therapeutic classes, providing a bridge between the basic sciences and clinical practice. This text contains many tables for quick reference to names, formulations, dosages, and applications. This edition includes chapter review questions and cases. A companion website provides online updates of medicinal chemistry structures and an image bank for faculty.
82,00 77,90

Il libro dell'ignoranza sugli animali

John Lloyd, John Mitchinson

editore: Einaudi

pagine: 319

Questa esplorazione delle stranezze e assurdità del regno animale permette di scoprire - con il beneplacito della scienza - che reale e fantastico convivono felicemente in ogni angolo del mondo e in ogni sua creatura, mammifero, anfibio o insetto che sia. L'onisco delle cantine che beve dal sedere, gli scorpioni fosforescenti al buio, le bisce che fingono crisi di vomito e svenimenti per allontanare gli estranei, i pinguini maschi che pagano in pietre le femmine in cambio di favori sessuali: il regno animale non ha alcun bisogno della nostra immaginazione per rivelarsi straordinario. Con l'aiuto dei disegni e delle vignette dell'illustratore americano Ted Dewan, e con lo stile frizzante e il rigore scientifico che già caratterizzava "Il libro dell'ignoranza", John Mitchinson e John Lloyd fondono l'obiettività e l'autorevolezza di un manuale di zoologia con il ritmo e di un testo letterario, smentendo categoricamente lo stereotipo secondo cui imparare è noioso.

Abdominal Organ Retrieval and Transplantation Bench Surgery

Gabriel Oniscu, John Forsythe
e altri

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 192

Provides transplant professionals with a step–wise approach to abdominal organ retrieval and bench surgery, illustrating complex anatomical situations and providing practice points and decision algorithms. A go–to reference for transplant surgeons, trainees and fellows, as well as for other professionals involved in abdominal organ transplantation.
140,00 133,00

The Adult Hip

Aaron G. Rosenberg, Craig Dellavalle
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 752

Get the all-inclusive text on a fast-growing area in orthopaedic surgery: Hip Preservation Surgery offers the latest surgical and rehab techniques for the hip joint, with vital background on development, anatomy, pathology and biomechanics. A must-have for orthopaedic surgeons, fellows, residents, and students looking to master skills such as hip arthroscopy, radiographic methods, and the surgical repair of articular cartilage. Features Coverage of conditions including: hip osteoarthritis, fractures and infections, hip dysplasia, FAI, overlapping of pain, and hip-spine syndrome Sections address: biomechanics and anatomy; patient evaluation; overviews of common hip disorders; hip arthroscopy; surgical treatment; general joint preservation; osteonecrosis; post-traumatic; synovial and overuse sports injuries. Features: full-color, reader-friendly text illustrated with numerous photos, x-rays, illustrations and diagrams; authored by leading experts in the field, including the inventors of many of the techniques described. Now with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, offering iOS, Android, Mac, and PC access to: complete content with enhanced navigation; a powerful search tool that pulls results from content in the book, your notes, and even the web Cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation; highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text; ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues; and quick-reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use 16 procedural videos will review surgical techniques.
230,00 218,50

Urological Pathology

David J. Grignon, John N. Eble
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 944

Urological Pathology Knowledge in the field of urologic pathology is growing at an explosive pace. Today's pathologists, specialists, and residents require a comprehensive and authoritative text that examines the full range of urological diseases and their diagnosis. Written by recognized leaders and educators in the field, the text provides readers with a detailed understanding of all diagnostic aspects of urological disease. Inside this unique resource, readers will explore a broad spectrum of practical information - including etiology, diagnostic criteria, molecular markers, differential diagnosis, ancillary tests, and clinical management. This is sure to be the new definitive text for urological pathology! Features: practical organization that presents discussions by organ and by neoplastic/non-neoplastic nature of diseases to help readers access and retrieve essential facts quickly; expert editors that are highly respected academic urologic pathologists; detailed guidance that helps readers identify a range of pathologic entities, recognize typical and atypical presentations, refine diagnosis, and make sound treatment choices; and an accompanying website with image bank and fully searchable text that allows readers to view critical pathologic features and related discussions at a glance.
240,00 228,00

Operative Techniques in Spine Surgery

John M. Flynn, John Rhee
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 432

"Operative Techniques in Spine Surgery" provides full-color, step-by-step explanations of all operative procedures in spine surgery. It contains 19 chapters from the spine section and 10 chapters from the pediatric section of Dr. Sam W. Wiesel's "Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery", as well as 18 new chapters covering advanced procedures. Written by experts from leading institutions around the world, this superbly illustrated volume focuses on mastery of operative techniques and also provides a thorough understanding of how to select the best procedure, how to avoid complications, and what outcomes to expect. The user-friendly format is ideal for quick preoperative review of the steps of a procedure. Each procedure is broken down step by step, with full-color intraoperative photographs and drawings that demonstrate how to perform each technique. Extensive use of bulleted points and tables allows quick and easy reference. Each clinical problem is discussed in the same format: definition, anatomy, physical exams, pathogenesis, natural history, physical findings, imaging and diagnostic studies, differential diagnosis, non-operative management, surgical management, pearls and pitfalls, postoperative care, outcomes, and complications.
225,00 213,75

John Hejduk. Bronx. Manuale in versi

John Hejduk

editore: Mimesis

pagine: 906

50,00 47,50

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