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Libri di Michael V. Sivak

Gastroenterologic Endoscopy

Michael V. Sivak

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

pagine: 1776

Back by popular demand, the second edition of this definitive resource is now availabe in print. This updated edition encompasses every possible aspect of gastroenterologic endoscopy in great depth with a huge array of domestic and international contributors who are acknowledged experts in the field. It covers all aspects of diagnostic as well as therapeutic endoscopy, and shows both normal and pathological appearances. Aimed at all specialists who routinely or occasionally undertake these procedures it is one of the most complete, comprehensive and authoritative text in the field.
368,00 349,60

Gastrointestinal Endosonography

Jacques Van Dam, Michael V. Sivak

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

pagine: 330

With the ever-increasing demand for cost-effective care, endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) represents the best and least expensive way of performing biopsies of many gastrointestinal cancers and regional lymph nodes. "Gastrointestinal Endosonography" brings you the most comprehensive, abundantly illustrated guidance available on this essential technology. 31 pioneering endosonographers from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, and the USA explain precisely how to use EUS with maximum effectiveness in a wide variety of applications.
233,00 221,35

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